Pros And Cons Of Steering Wheel Covers

Pros and cons of steering wheel covers

Steering wheels are an often overlooked area when it comes to upgrading and freshening up your car. Some people even think there isn’t anything that can be done to upgrade the steering wheel.

Of course, we know that isn’t true, and that there are legitimate options that can pretty much transform your car interior and driving experience. One of them is purchasing a new steering wheel cover.

There are, however, some concerns as to whether steering wheel covers are actually worth the purchase or whether they provide an upgrade experience that truly transforms a vehicle.

We will explore these concerns and discuss both sides of the debate in order to provide a balanced understanding of the pros and cons of steering wheel covers.

Pros of fitting a steering wheel cover



Steering wheel covers can add much needed comfort to the steering wheel.

Some steering wheels, especially those in older and classic cars, may have thinner or harder surfaces resulting in a lack of general comfort during driving.


Some steering wheels can get worn out over time to the point that the actual grip has diminished. This can lead to safety issues at critical times when proper grip is needed.

Keeps your hands warm

Some steering wheel covers can provide some much needed heat insulation to the steering wheel. The material that provides this will ensure that, in colder climates, the steering wheel won’t be too cold to touch when you first use your car.

This is especially helpful to those that suffer from blood circulatory issues that affect their hands.

Keeps your hands cool

Similarly, the same heat insulation properties mentioned above, will also serve to protect your hands from a hot steering wheel that has been exposed to the heat and sun in a sitting car.

Protects your original steering wheel

Old steering wheel

A steering wheel cover can help to protect the steering wheel from everyday wear and tear. In turn this can help to preserve the value of your vehicle.

Helps to reduces grip fatigue

Grip fatigue can occur after continuous use of an uncomfortable steering wheel. The discomfort can be down to a number of factors, such as:

  • The shape of the steering wheel
  • The thickness of the steering wheel
  • Padding, or lack thereof

Changing your steering wheel cover can address these issues.

Changes the appearance of your interior

Upgrading your interior is always fun and satisfying to do, and changing your steering wheel cover is no exception.

It’s only once you have fitted a new steering wheel cover that you realize how much it was needed.

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Cons and Concerns of fitting a steering wheel cover

There are many concerns when it comes to using steering wheel covers. A lot of these concerns often come in the form of questions, so we’ll deal with some of these in the same way.

Are steering wheel covers safe? Safety concerns

Not all steering wheel covers are created equally, and as such should be purchased from a manufacturer or an outlet that you trust. 

Customer reviews can also provide excellent insights into the quality of these products.               

Are steering wheel covers safe

The main things to look out for are if the internal and external gripping of the steering wheel cover is sufficient while in use and if the fit is snug.

As a rule of thumb, the steering wheel cover should not slip around while steering the car. 

Are steering wheels covers illegal? Legality

Are steering wheel covers legal

This is a concern that has been asked quite a few times online.

The legality of modifications should always be confirmed with the authorities if you are unsure. Steering wheel covers are relatively minor upgrades and should be ok, but if there is any doubt behind the legality then confirm this first.

Clearly, laws can be different from state to state and country to country.

Accurately measuring the steering wheel cover

It can be challenging knowing how to measure a steering wheel, or knowing what needs to be measured. This can put people off almost instantly, as this can add to the risk of purchasing a steering wheel cover of the wrong size.

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Are steering wheel covers universal?

Not all steering covers are a universal fit, so it is important to check the measurement of your steering wheel before purchasing a cover.

Some manufacturers label their steering wheel covers as a universal fit, which generally means that they will fit steering wheels with a diameter of approximately 14.5-15.5 cm. So if you own a truck, you may need a larger steering wheel cover.


Installing a steering wheel cover can be an absolute pain.

Some people even resort to warming them up before fitting them in order to help the cover to stretch around the steering wheel. Although, this actually isn’t a bad idea and can help to ease a difficult fitting session.

Unfortunately, the tight fit is important in ensuring that the fit is exactly as required and remains fit for purpose. 

After all, a loose baggy steering wheel cover will enhance the driving experience.

Are steering wheel covers tacky?

There’s no doubt about it. There are some, let’s say, interesting steering wheel covers out there. The good thing is that this is something that is completely in your hands to control.

There are so many different designs out there nowadays, that you will find it difficult to not find the right one for you (even if others might hate it).

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