How To Keep Your Car Clean in 2022: Easy Guide

How keep your car clean

Do you struggle to find effective ways on how to keep your car clean? Do you remember how clean your car was when you first got it? While most memories will inevitably fade with time, one thing that doesn’t have to is the cleanliness of your car.

The link between a de-cluttered, clean environment, and stress is a well-established idea now. Typically people might think of the home, or maybe a place of work in relation to this. 

However, this also extends to our vehicles, where we spend a staggering amount of time.

So, there is every reason to want, and need, to keep your pride and joy as clean as you can. Here we have some proven approaches on how you can achieve this.

How To Keep Your Car Clean Inside

1. Install A Portable Trash Can

You know the saying; prevention is better than cure. There probably isn’t a more effective way of preventing rubbish from accumulating in your car then installing a trash can. 

People have been using them in the house for centuries, so why not in the car?

They are practical and quite simply do the job. Especially if you have a family or regularly have people in your vehicle.

2. Use A Cup Holder Liner

Don’t you hate it when your coffee dribbles down the side of the cup and into the cup holder well?

The last thing you want to do is start cleaning up such an awkward part of the vehicle interior. Especially when you are in a rush, or late for work.

Purchase a cup holder liner and it will make it so much easier to keep this part of the car clean whenever needed. Just remove the cup holder liner and wash it separately.

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3. Air Freshener

This is an obvious one, I know. But it is still necessary to call out because it is such an effective short-term method of masking odors. 

Just get yourself a multi-pack of air fresheners and you will be sorted. There are so many different designs out these days that you can even express your personality with them somewhat. Two birds, one stone. 

For those who have concerns of allergies or just or just prefer filtered air flow, there are even HEPA filter air purifiers and humidifiers available for vehicles. 

Air freshener and humidifier

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4. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a portable solution to clean any untimely messes that occur.

Just keep them stashed in the glove compartment until that fateful day comes along. They will be effective at cleaning most surfaces in an emergency.

However, it is best to not rely on wet wipes as a regular method for cleaning your car.

5. Check Your Shoes For Mess

An often overlooked one I feel, but this is one that should be actively practiced especially in wet, muddy, snowy conditions.

These conditions will allow clingy mess from outside to cake into your floor mats and seats before you know it, especially with kids.

Also, without wanting to get all draconian with it, this is something worth reminding your guests to do also. Think short-term pain long term gain.

6. Do Not Allow Your Trunk To Overfill

This is something that I think all of us are guilty of to varying degrees. It sometimes just comes down to, out of sight out of mind. However, it is something we recommend keeping on top of regularly – like every week or fortnight.

Even if the mess is not obvious, due to it being closed away in the trunk. It’s something that may be an issue if you suddenly need that trunk space for something else, like extra shopping, or helping a friend move stuff, a buggy.

It just prevents inconvenience if nothing else.

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7. Try Not To Eat Inside Your Car

There isn’t much to add to this really. Food will risk staining your car or causing foul odors to linger. It isn’t always possible to avoid but try to keep it to a minimum.

8. Eat Contained Food Only

Should you succumb to the hunger pangs, then at least try to eat food that is contained, to lower the risk of mess. Using Tupperware is common to practice these days, so this is an easy one to remedy.

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9. Clean Up After Yourself

So, this one is obviously tougher to keep on top of if you have a young family. But it’s still something that we should keep in mind and try to make a habit of. 

Over time you may find yourself doing this without even thinking.

So next time you finish your journey, check the door storage compartment, and take whatever you find in there out of the car ad into the trash. 

You can even get the family to take part.

The more pairs of hands you have helping, the easier it will be to keep your car clean.

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10. Stay On Top Of Vehicle Maintenance

We should be doing this anyway. Keeping on top of vehicle maintenance is important for safety reasons first and foremost, but also for giving your vehicle the best chance of living a long life.

Regular car maintenance will also ensure that the common causes for bad odors are also kept in check. For example, replacing your cabin air filters regularly will help prevent this.

11. Clean The Seats

Try to at least vacuum the seats regularly – like every week. You can even get a portable car vacuum cleaner to help you keep on top of this easier.

It is also recommended to shampoo your seats to give it a deeper clean. Do this every 1 to 4 weeks depending on usage.

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12. Shake Out Mats

Even though a vacuuming of the mats, while they are still in place, can be fine, there is no better substitute than getting them out and giving them a good shake. This is underrated stuff, but effective.

Better yet, while they are out you can give a proper vacuum and see everything you are doing.

There are also some mat cleaners that you can use to give it a finishing touch.

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13. Do Not Allow Your Glove Compartment To Overfill

Another easy habit to get into but should be avoided. We think the glove compartment should be for minimal and essential things like maps, CDs, maybe a pair of shades.

Not for old letters, cans of soda, parking tickets, and whatever else some of us may have in there. Try to keep things de-cluttered in this area.

14. Use Seat Covers

If you are expecting potentially unruly guests, like a pet dog, then I would recommend using seat covers. They are worth it in these situations. If the dog is in the back, you may want to invest in floor covers for that area also.

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15. Clean AC Vents

Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean the air vents as much as possible. Alternatively, you can spray some compressed air into your air vents.

Better yet, to help keep a nice scent in the car add some essential oils on a cloth or cotton buds and wipe down the vents after the vacuuming.

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16. Clean Vinyl Surfaces

Over time with neglect, these surfaces can get very caked in dirt and can prove tricky to shift. To keep your car clean try to keep on top of cleaning these surfaces every week.

There many products that are effective at cleaning these surfaces. Check out some reviews if you are not too sure which ones to get or browse some stores to what’s out there.

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So, there we have it. A few suggestions to help you to engage with and hopefully help you keep your car clean both inside and out.

Understandably, a lot of us have very busy lives and may not be able to keep o these religiously. However, doing some of these things, especially if you haven’t done them before reading this, will massively help you to keep your car clean and presentable.

If you can implement all these suggestions, then you should see a significant improvement very quickly.

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