Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Car In 2022

Fun Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Car

You may be looking forward to the upcoming Holiday season and already have your house decked out in the most festive of adornments. But, what about your lovely car?

What can we do to make it be known to passersby that we are truly celebrating Christmas in style?

Well, we have put together a fine list of decorations ideas that you can use to make your vehicle so Christmassy that it will even make Santa Claus blush. Read on to be inspired…

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    With Christmas around the corner, your car needs some decorating. So why not grab one of these car magnets with Reflective Christmas-themed graphics and make it Christmassy? 

    When it’s dark on a festive night, this magnetic paper will be more than enough to show off your holiday spirit for the winter months.

    They have honeycomb reflective technology so they meet street sign standards so anyone can find you this season without hassle! 

    The Bigtime Signs Reflective Magnetic Decoration packs will stay put on your vehicle’s body.

    Just remember to give the paintwork a good clean beforehand to give the magnet the best chance of sticking.

    Also, they’re printed with UV-protected ink so they should last any outdoor conditions all season.

    Let your Holiday cheer take flight in this whimsical car decoration.

    Just hang it out of the trunk of your car to give the driver behind you the illusion that you’re carrying Santa in the trunk with his legs just hanging out. 

    Giving people something lighthearted and jovial to look at this Holiday season will go a long way in putting a smile on their faces. 

    The only downside is that the manufacturer says that these are not recommended for use on the highway, so take note of this.

    But they are multi-functional as they can be hung on Christmas trees as well.

    Deck your vehicle with these white snowflakes! Give your car windows a frosty backdrop with the Garma 428pcs Window Decoration Clings.

    This starry and snowy sticker is easy to apply and leaves no mess on your car windows, so you can enjoy the Holiday season in all its glory. 

    This is a great easy to use decoration for car and home windows, or most other surfaces – think of all the creative ways you’ll be able to decorate. 

    Snowflake decals are also reusable year after year, so you can make any season as joyous as this one with ease.

    This set of reflective magnetic reindeer decorations can be used on any clean metal surface and will show off your holiday spirit with gusto. 

    These shiny magnets are of reindeers waving as if to say hello – great fun! Comes with one leaning left, one leaning right, and two bonus jingle bell magnets for an extra festive scene. 

    Not only are these magnets car safe (they won’t blow off or block anything), they can also be used on other metals such as fridges, garages doors, etc. 

    If you pass anyone that loves Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, will surely smile when they see their favorite creature adorning the side of the rear of your vehicle.

    If you are wishing for a Merry Christmas and excited about the holidays, then there’s something to deck your vehicle with this year. 

    These festive magnet decorations are reflective and can be used repeatedly year on year, staying put through rain, wind, and snow, or when driving at high speeds. 

    The manufacturer does advise though to remove them before pressure washing your vehicle, to avoid Santa Legs from flying away in the washer jet blast!

    Is the car the only thing in your household not covered in festive decorations? 

    Well, if your family and friends see you roll up with a red nose festively taped to your front grill and reindeer antlers swinging back and forth over the car roof, you will definitely get a smile from them and strangers alike. 

    Bring some holiday cheer with you wherever you go! Whether people are driving behind or next to you, they’ll enjoy spotting your jaunty reindeer set. 

    This particular set includes 2 antlers, designed to attach to the top of your front car windows, although if you have window visors then these won’t be suitable.

    Also includes an easy-to-attach red nose for the grill and a tailpiece that will hang out of the trunk that will make you want to jingle all the way down the road!

    Adorned with the jolly face of Santa Claus, these seat covers will introduce a Christmas vibe to your car that will be felt by anyone who steps into it. They will grab the attention of passengers and passersby but also fit well. 

    On a practical note, these Christmas seat covers are affordable, machine washable, and fairly straightforward to install. 

    With this in mind, you should be able to use these Christmas seat covers for many years to come.

    Here’s another Christmas decoration idea that will make anyone that sees it smile. This soft smiley face Christmas accessory can be stuck on your car antenna, or hung on your rearview mirror.

    Also included is Santas hat so that there will be no mistaking what time of the year it is!

    If you want to accompany your Christmas decorations with a bit of x-factor, then why not add some sprayable snow to your vehicle. 

    It will give the illusion of being dusted over with snow or you can spray a nice festive message to greet passersby with. Furthermore, they can also be used anywhere else in the home. 

    Make your vehicle extra festive with the car present bow. This bow is on a strong and durable plastic clip and the ribbon is long enough to provide you with more ways to make it look perfect. 

    This car wrap will offer plenty of creative inspirations since it glistens beautifully in lights and water won’t harm it – making it an ideal accessory during all seasons! 

    The red ribbon looks great and will blend in with the Christmas mood.

    This Holiday season, show off your love for Christmas with the 3D Santa Car Window Decal. It is a one-size-fits-all decal that can be easily applied to windows of all sizes on both cars and trucks. 

    The window films don’t obstruct your view while driving but still provide great privacy for those inside the vehicle.

    They are also waterproof, anti-corrosion, resist high temperature, and durable. 

    If you’re looking for something festive to make your holiday driving experience better, then this could be a good choice! 

    These stickers are easy to apply and remove without leaving any trace or damaging the window making them perfect for anyone who wants some smiles from those they share their commute with.

    Great as a gift or share the idea with someone you know.

    Keeping your hands warm at the wheel with this ruby red furry steering cover will give you the warmth of the festive season. 

    If you’re always on the hunt for ways of adding style to your ride without and want to add to Christmas cheer this holiday, then these are definitely the accessory choice if faux fur’s your thing. 

    These covers fit snugly around most car steering wheels with a diameter of approximately 14.96” and give them that added touch of class. 

    But it doesn’t stop there… 

    They also have a matching handy gear shift and seat belt cover too so you will definitely look the part of Christmas.

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