Best Tonneau Covers for Ford F150 – 2022 Review and Guide

Best Ford F150 Bed Cover and Bed Tonneau Review

If you’re looking for the best tonneau cover for Ford F150 trucks then you may you may be wondering which type is the best option for you. Should you go with soft folding, hard tri-folds, or retractable options?

This can lead to elements of confusion and doubt when we feel we are ready to make a decision to buy one.

Thankfully, we have a guide that will recommend the best tonneau covers that are currently available for your ford F150. We don’t stop there, we also split these reviews into distinct sections of Soft, Hard, and Retractable tonneau covers for ease.

To conclude will deep dive into other important factors that should be considered when choosing the right tonneau cover for your Ford F150 so that you are armed with confidence and know how when it come to making your purchase.


SOFT Ford F150 Tonneau Covers

Manufacturer: Tyger Auto

Brand: Tyger Auto

Model: ‎TYGER T1

Prodct Dimensions: 5,5", 6'5"

Manufacturer: Extang Corporation

Brand: Gator Covers

Prodct Dimensions: 5'7", 6'7", 8'2"


Manufacturer: Truxedo

Brand: Truxedo

Model: Pro X15

Prodct Dimensions: 5'7", 6'5", 6'7", 8'2"

Manufacturer: MaxMate

Brand: MaxMate

Prodct Dimensions: 5'7", 6'4"

Manufacturer: XCover

Brand: XCover

Prodct Dimensions: 5'6", 6'5"

HARD Ford F150 Tonneau Covers


Manufacturer: BAK

Brand: BAK

Product Dimensions: 5'7", 6'7", 8'

Manufacturer: XCover

Brand: XCover

Bed Size: 5'6", 6'5"

Manufacturer: Undercover

Brand: Undercover

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7"

Manufacturer: Extang

Brand: Extang

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7", 8'2"

Manufacturer: Lund

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7", 8', 8'2"

RETRACTABLE Ford F150 Tonneau Covers

Manufacturer: Retrax

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7"

Manufacturer: Rock-N-Lock

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7", 8'2"


Manufacturer: Retrax

Bed Size: 5'7", 6'7", 8'2"

Best SOFT Ford F150 Tonneau Cover Review

The Tyger Auto soft roll-up bed cover for Ford F150 folds back via three cross-sections and is made from durable heavy-duty vinyl and framed with aluminum.

Key Features

The Tyger Auto soft roll-up bed cover for Ford F150 folds back via three cross-sections and is made from durable heavy-duty vinyl and framed with aluminum.

Comes with horizontal cross-bars which are pre-assembled and help to keep the bed tonneau cover securely in place.

It also reduces the potential of the bed cover from flapping up and down whilst driving.

Tyger Auto Soft fold up bed cover for Ford F150This appears to be a well-considered feature as it has been an issue with other soft roll-up F150 bed tonneau covers.

That said, a small number of customers have pointed out that there may be a little bit of a gap between the clamps near the bed corners.

As a result, this can allow a little bit of rain in some cases and potentially reduce security. Although the majority of customers seem happy with the performance.

As far as installation is concerned, this F150 bed cover is fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver.  There is no need to drill extra bits to facilitate any aspect of installation, which is another plus point.

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It basically works out of the box, which is favorable for those who prefer not to have to deal with anything too technical from a DIY perspective. 

The price point falls within a nice range for those that have a more restricted budget.

Tyger Auto Ford F150 bed cover vinyl material

The manufacturer provides some very good installation material on their product page including a video that helps in clarifying things that may not be so clear on written instruction (which are also provided).

One thing to make sure you do is to confirm that the version you go for will fit your specific Ford F150 bed.

We would advise measuring your bed dimensions and confirming with the manufacturer before purchase.




An easy to install, lightweight and budget-friendly Bed Tonneau cover for your Ford F150, that does exactly what it sets out to do.

Available in different sizes making it a flexible option for different Ford F150 variations.

Key Features

The Gator ETX truck bed tonneau cover is designed to fit Ford F150 models from 2015-2020.

Much like the Tyger Auto bed in the previous review, this is a soft roll-up version that folds in three sections via cross-bars.

The bed cover is made from highly durable vinyl and is supported by a robust aluminum frame.

The material is made from allows it to be lightweight which also helps the installation process.

Several clamps are provided which will secure the cover to the bed corners tightly. Also, installation is simple and doesn’t require any extra drilling or DIY customization.

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A robust and slickly designed Ford F150 bed cover that is low profile and easy to install.

At this price point, it rates as one the best bed tonneau covers available and looks like it can last for some considerable time.

Key Features

A lovely low-profile soft roll bed cover for all Ford F150 models between 2015-2021.

The Bed tonneau cover is made from highly durable, UV-resistant fibers that are specially designed for security and to allow dust and light dirt to skip off its surface whilst in motion.

This is also helped by the low profile design, which will also help fuel consumption due to reduced air resistance.

TruXedo Ford F150 soft bed cover low profileInstallation doesn’t require any extra drilling or customization and should take no longer than an hour for less DIY inclined people.

That said, extra effort should be made to line things up before you begin attaching the cover so that any misalignments can be caught early.

Some customer feedback suggests that it can be difficult to achieve tight fitment to the tailgate.

This bed cover is seamless to use and easy to release open and close. This great if quick loading and unloading are important.

From a security perspective, it must be noted that due to it being Velcro secured, it may not be the best option for keeping your cargo absolutely safe.

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Another great feature of this product is customer care. These Ford F150 Bed Tonneau covers come with a Lifetime warranty which enabled you to receive support from the manufacturer should anything go wrong or if any replacement parts are needed. 

This is one thing that TruXedo has over the previously reviewed truck bed coves and will offer extra peace of mind.




Probably the best-looking low-profile design at this price point. The material of the cover is reassuringly durable and secure and clings to dust and dirt less than other examples.

Key Features

From Max Mate, we have this soft roll-up tonneau cover that will fit Ford F150 models from 2004-2021.

They also have variations that will fit bed sizes of 5.5ft and 6.5ft where applicable.

The cover material is durable and weather-resistant and made from tough vinyl designed to resist the elements.

Provided with crossbars that are essential to keep the tonneau cover appearing flat when closed and also assist in easy opening and closing.

MaxMate Ford F150 soft bed cover low profile

The material is easy to clean initially but then can become a little harder to keep clean n the longer term.

To seal the tonneau there are Velcro strips that easily adhere to the border of the Ford F150 tonneau, and are surprisingly effective at keeping rainwater out. This may be a different story for frost, however.

The tensioning system provided allows you to maintain a tight seamless cover appearance, and will also help to avoid puddles during heavy rain.

That said, some feedback reports of the bed cover still partially waving around slightly when the vehicle is in motion. Not a huge issue, but something be mindful of.

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There is also a small gap in the rear just above the tailgate which is noticeable, but we think it would take a hell of a lot of rainwater to cause any issues. 

Much like the previously reviewed tonneau covers, installation is easily achieved within around 15 minutes without the need to drill any extra holes.

However, the manufacturer does suggest that over the bedrail bedliner tonneaus will require holes to be cut into the bedliner in order to fit the clamps properly.

From a customer service perspective, the manufacturer states that they give a 10 year no hassle warranty, which really helps to ease any pre-purchase doubts. Just be sure to get your measurements correct before buying.




A budget-friendly, yet well-constructed tonneau cover for your Ford F150.

The quality of the cover material gives confidence that this could last for a decent period of time.

Easy to use and can be left open if required. An option that is well worth considering.

Key Features

The XCover soft roll-up tonneau is designed for Ford F150 trucks from the year 2015-2021, in sizes 5’ 6’’, and 6’ 5’’.

Can be installed in less than 20 minutes without the need to make any extra adjustments yourself.

When installing, it should be expected to lie on top of the bed rails to allow for any water and dust to run off easily.

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The cross rail bars are low profile and appear sleek and aerodynamic, although the cover does flap a little bit whilst driving. The low profile design does, however, seem to make it smooth to roll open and close seamlessly.

The metal rear latch system is solid and works consistently, seems to be well constructed.

The rubber seal works really well to keep the tonneau as waterproof as possible, and allows only a very small amount of water (if any). This something that has been a concern with other tonneau covers of this price range.




Another well-priced Ford F150 soft troll tonneau cover for those that are on a budget.

The design is sleek, low profile, and easy to roll open and close. In particular, the rear latching I swell constructed and feels like it will last a good while, as does the cover vinyl. That said, it can still flap around a little whilst driving.

Overall though, this is a well-rounded piece of kit that is durable and well designed.

Best HARD Ford F150 Tonneau Cover Reviews

Key Features

The BAK BAKFlip hard tonneau cover will fit Ford F150 models from 2015-2021. They provide options following size beds: 5’ 7’’, 6’ 7’’, 8’ 2’’.

Made using a fiberglass mix material, it really is a heavy-duty piece of kit that is reinforced with aluminum.

With that said it is also lightweight allowing for easy installation, opening, and closed action.

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Designed with a keen eye for detail this BAK Ford F150 bed tonneau cover can be either closed or opened whilst driving.

When driving with the tonneau cover folded open, the middle cabin brake light is not obscured due to being specifically designed for Ford F150 models.

BAKFlip G2 Hard tonneau cover low profile

This bed cover is also extremely secure featuring an automatic latching mechanism that will no doubt give owners added peace of mind. The fact that it is hard folding adds to this security.

Some customer feedback suggests that there are issues with security and that it is comparable to the security of the vinyl equivalent.




From a design perspective, this is a good-looking low-profile bed tonneau cover that can be used either closed or opened.

Excellent at keeping rainwater out, and relatively easy to assemble thanks to the instruction material provided. That said one weak point seems to be the rubber seal that has the tendency to fail for some people. 

However, overall it’s not a bad hard folding bed cover option.

Key Features

The Xcover hard tonneau cover for the Ford F150 is compatible with all models from 2015 to 2021 and is tri-fold. The manufacturer provides this in two sizes – 5’ 5’’, 6’ 5’’.

Being a hard tonneau cover guarantees protection from direct knocks and is completely weatherproof, protecting against direct UV rays and extremely cold temperatures.

That said, there have been one or two reports of a small amount of leakage in extreme rainfall.

This hard tri-folding Ford F150 bed cover is developed to integrate seamlessly into the truck bed with its low-profile finish. This helps to give your truck an attractive fresh look.

XCover Hard tonneau cover for ford f150

Made from high-quality materials the Xcover truck bed tonneau cover has a reassuring feel of solidity and should provide years of durability and quality fit and finish.

Indeed, the manufacturer claims that the hard tonneau cover can withstand an evenly distributed weight of up to 500lbs.

From a security perspective, this tonneau cover features an innovative locking clamp system that will automatically lock upon closure.

This makes for worry-free use ensuring that you don’t need to go back to your vehicle to double-check that it’s locked.

Installation is pretty straightforward, although two pairs of hands will really make this a seamless install. The instructions could have been a little clearer but this is a minor factor that shouldn’t cause too many issues.

Also comes with a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.




The Xcover truck bed covers will keep your F150 looking great right out of the box, ensuring it stays center stage in your driveway.

All this while accommodating your belongings securely, the Xcover hard tonneau cover is specially designed to fit your Ford personalized truck.

Key Features

The Undercover Flex Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover will transform the look and feel of your Ford F150 and give the sleek, low profile that will turn heads.

It fits all Ford F150 models from 2004-2021 with bed sizes of 5’7’’ and 6’7’’. This hard tri-fold F150 tonneau cover folds up being held conveniently by prop rods.

This helps to keep cover from resting on the rear of the cab, a well thought out design feature that should relieve the concerns of F150 owners.

What’s also convenient is the ability to allow you to open and close the tailgate without needing to adjust or lift the truck bed cover.

Undercover Flex Hard Tonneau cover for Ford F150 rear view

Easy install, especially with the help of a friend, this can be fitted in within around 30 minutes, although this should only really be undertaken if you are at least moderately confident in your DIY skills. 

Thanks to the rubber seals fitted along the whole perimeter of the truck, this tonneau cover provides total protection against the elements.

The surface is protected with some sort of film which adds to the weatherproof feature, and also gives it a nice sheen.

However, according to some customer feedback, the quality of this seal may be dependent on how well the product is packed as it can appear a little bent near the cover folds.

Having said that, it does also comes with a 3-year guarantee which should offer peace of mind




A really good-looking low-profile hard tonneau cover that will please most F150 owners, both in terms of looks and functionality.

The design demonstrates attention to detail which gives a level of confidence that the manufacturer is conscientious and motivated by user experience.

Although some customers have found that some of the seals may be susceptible to leakage over the long term, this is mitigated by the 3-year guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

Key Features

This Extang 2.0 hard tonneau cover is a trifold variation that will fit all Ford F150 models from 2009-2021.

It is also available in several sizes – 5’7’’, 6’7’’, 8’2’’ – and also offers flexibility in this department.

The hard folding bed cover is made from highly durable polymer-based material that is approximately 1inch thick.

This will protect against most impacts that potentially cause dents and scratches.

What’s also great, is that it can handle a weight of up to 600lbs, which is plenty when compared to its competitors.  

It will comfort some people to know that the Extang 2.0 Ford F150 hard folding tonneau cover comes pre-assembled.

So all you have to do is install the clamps and make they are secured to your car bed, unfold and then lock the EZ-lock tailgate clamps in place. Some people have said that they were able to fit this hard tonneau cover by themselves in under 10 minutes.  

Extang Hard Tonneau cover for Ford F150 matt finish

The clamping system enhances security greatly and feels robust which gives the truck owner confidence that they will do the job of protection well.

The seals are of reasonable quality and look like they will keep most water out over the long-term, although not completely waterproof all of the time (a common issue with tonneau covers in general).

It is always worth checking the quality of the seal for damage before installing so that any issues can be resolved by the manufacturer quickly. It must also be said that Extang provides this hard bed cover with a 3-year warranty.

From a style perspective, this hard tonneau cover comes in a matt finish with the aluminum frames powder coated, making your Ford F150 maintain its good looks. The low profile aspect fits in with F150 lines, although the bed cover is slightly raised.

One of the things that this tonneau cover does well is provides versatility, as it is designed to be used with compatible accessories like toolboxes and racks that lock into place, and do not spoil the appearance at all.




Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard tonneau cover for ford f150s is a hard-folding truck bed that provides ultimate protection when installed on your vehicle.

It is an excellent choice for those who regularly transport heavy or bulky equipment and provides superior quality at an affordable price.

The bed cover is designed to stand strong against any elements, be they nature-made or man-made. This vehicle bed cover will also make your rig seem like it’s ready for any environment with its versatile design.

A solid purchase that will do the job.

Key Features

The Lund hard tonneau cover will fit Ford F150 models made between 2015-2020, and come in sizes 5’7’’, 6’7’’, 8’, 8’2’’.

This leather-embossed vinyl truck bed cover is made from heavy-duty, lightweight, marine-grade vinyl with a specially formulated rubber compound to endure 350 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

The bedcover is made with a quality that feels like it should last for years without seeing any signs of wear.

The clamping system uses four large ball bearings to grip the surface of the bed, reducing vibration and vehicle noise while lowering the center of gravity. 

Lund Hard Tonneau cover for Ford F150

Easy, straightforward installation of this bed cover makes converting your F150 easy and convenient.

It provides a really good solution to your storage needs while maintaining your prized vehicle’s stylish appearance and sleek lines.

The Lund Hard Tonneau cover is also weatherproof and provides enough volume to keep all your items safely in place, even in the worst of conditions.

That said, in some instances, the seals may look folded depending on how they were stored during transit, This may lead to a small amount of leakage, but can be rectified with minor touch up.

Additionally, the tri-fold design can be opened to varying degrees and so gives you flexible access to the storage.




Weatherproof with a built-in clamping system, this cover will stay on your truck bed while delivering a clean look without obscuring the rear window.

This durable design is perfect for heavy-duty trucks, tractors, or SUVs that have a hard time keeping their surface wet from rain or sand.

Key Features

Installing this BAKflip hard truck bed cover is easy enough, but having an extra set of eyes and eyes on things allows you to get the job done even more efficiently.

Made from tough and weatherproof aircraft-grade polyester that is given an oil-based paint for extra protection.

Also, the aluminum ladder frame gives the unit a more solid feel when installed.

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When properly installed, this cover will help protect your bed from the type of moisture that can lead to damaging your cargo.

The F150 hard tonneau cover comes with an automatic locking system that hassle-free yet safe securing your cargo.

The low-profile design makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a discreet look for their Ford F150. It’s probably best in terms of offering this look, as it fits seamlessly with the lines of the vehicle.




The BAKFlip MX4 hard tonneau cover is a great combination of functionality and style for your Ford F150. Its seamless low-profile design makes the bed cover look compact and lightweight, but is also durable and secure.

Ford F150 Tonneau Cover Reviews

Key Features

The RetraxONE retractable tonneau cover is available in several optional variations, i.e. with/without a remote control feature and T-Slot rails for stacking.

Suitable for Ford F150 Super Crew, Super cab, Regular cab configurations from 2015-2020.

This retractable bed cover also comes in options for beds of 5’7’’, and 6’7’’ in length.

This highly functional, lightweight reinforced polycarbonate tonneau cover will very simply roll up into your bed anytime you need to get access to your cargo.

Owners will find that this saves you from the hassle of lifting and rolling (or folding) the cover, which would be the case with soft and hard tonneau covers.

The opening and closing happen with absolute ease: just unlatch and pull open, then stop wherever you want and close the latch again. 

Built to withstand the toughest driving conditions and is very secure with the aforementioned latching system.

Play Video about RetraxONE Retractable Ford F150 Bed Tonneau Cover review

The retractable F150 cover’s signature low-profile design allows excellent aerodynamics and encourages fuel consumption savings.

Many customer reports suggest that this truly does provide excellent protection against heavy rainfall.

This is helped by the attention detail that Retrax clearly has. They fitted a tube that allows any rainwater to drain away without compromising the cargo.

That said, we would still expect at least a tiny amount of leakage, as is generally the case with tonneau covers.

Aesthetically it falls seamlessly into the lines of your beloved Ford F150, and in some ways may even enhance the look.

Even with the T-Slot racks (should you decide to with this option), it still manages to look sleek with the brushed metal finished.

RetraxONE Retractable Ford F150 Bed Tonneau Cover

The RetraxONE truck bed tonneau cover gives the feeling of real quality, which can only give the owner confidence.

Its retractable mechanism features ball-bearing rollers mounted onto an aluminum support beam that allows the cover to retract into a canister. The canister takes up very little space in the bed and ensures a smooth open and closing operation.

Installation is relatively straightforward for a retractable cover, simply secure the tonneau cover to the beam with the provided hardware and install




RetraxONE has designed the ultimate truck bed cover to address the needs of heavy-duty truck owners. Not only that, but it also looks great.

Comes with a few optional extras that add to the appeal, including remote control and T-Slot rack for add extra load on top of the string alumni cover.

Key Features

The Roll-N-Lock retractable tonneau cover is designed to fit Ford F150 models manufactured from 2015-2020, for bed sizes of 5’7’’, 6’7’’, 8’2’’.

With the correct installation of the Roll-N-Lock M-Series truck bed tonneau cover, your Ford F150 will look clean with the cover fitting nicely within the lines of the vehicle.

Not only will this bed cover compliment the appearance of your vehicle it will also provide more security with its patented locking mechanism, offering peace of mind.

When secured, it proves to be adept at protecting against the elements, especially heavy rain, which can be a real problem with some soft roll and hard folding tonneau covers.

While this is presumably testament to the rubber seals, it is perhaps also attributable to the drain tube feature which acts to funnel any surface rain away from harm’s way.

The clamp-on design of this item makes for an easy install that not only makes the fitting of the tonneau cover hassle-free but also gives you a feasible option to remove it just as easily.

The uber-compact canister is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, which is also what the frame of the cover is made from but covered in vinyl.

In terms of everyday use, the opening and closing of the retractable cover, while not difficult at all, can feel a little resistant. We imagine that this will become virtually unnoticeable over time with regular use.

Installation is really straightforward considering that it’s a retractable tonneau cover. The best thing to do is line up the canister and then slide the side rails into the canister slots.

This way you can easily screw in the clamps lightly allowing you to gauge whether everything is lined up correctly before tightening everything up.

Next, you’ll need to place the tailgate extrusion, which basically rests on top of the tailgate, and screw it in. Once the extrusion is in place and is lined up correctly with the side rails, then their clamps can be screwed in place to secure them. 

Once this is done the canister covers can then be properly installed and the drain tube fitted, and that is pretty much it.

We’d suggest that someone who is DIY competent can install this within an hour, but as always an extra pair of hands always helps.




This Roll-N-Lock F150 retractable tonneau cover has a nice look with the vinyl-lined aluminum slats.

This makes for a nice reward after spending some effort to install. Having said that installation is actually straightforward but requires a careful approach.

Will keep your cargo weatherproof and maintain security for peace of mind. A worthy consideration.

Key Features

The Powertrax PRO Retractable tonneau cover is a revolutionary new addition to the truck bed industry.

Provided for a selection of bed sizes including 5’7”, 6’7”, 8”2”, this product allows for easy installation without damaging the factory equipment or compromising the truck bed’s aesthetics.

Made from durable matt finish aluminum alloy construction, the cover easily slides open and closed using a simple twist and lock mechanism, or remote control if you go for that option. 

Retrax F150 tonneau cover remote control

Minimal tools are required for installation as this product is largely pre-assembled leaving only the rails and other pieces together.  

These covers are constructed using a patented clamp-on system that allows for a simple, hassle-free installation without damaging the truck or removing any critical components.

When installed over your original truck bed, your cover help improves fuel consumption by keeping your Ford F150 streamlined when driving.

It is also able to withstand a decent load of up to 500lbs, perfect for those who want to stack more cargo on top of the tonneau cover.

Retrax F150 tonneau cover low profile design

While most truck bed covers offer some level of protection to protect your truck bed from impacts and dents, the Powertrax PRO lineup goes above and beyond with its high-quality and unique retractable design.

As mentioned previously, this tonneau cover can be operated both manually and via a remote, depending on the selected option. To operated remotely the cover must be connected to the battery of the vehicle.




The PowertraxPRO features quality components that will improve the looks of your ride while maintaining maximum functionality.

Built to last and incorporating the latest technology available, this product will help you make the most of your driving experience.

Perhaps the priciest tonneau cover on our review list, but widely appreciated as money well spent. 

Best Ford F150 Tonneau Cover buying guide

What should I look for in a tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers are a really vital upgrade for your Ford F150 especially if you intend to load the back of your truck with valuables or want to keep it weatherproof.

When it comes to purchasing a new tonneau cover there a good number of things that you should know before you make that all-important purchase. These range from the type of tonneau cover, to the material they made from, to what makes one easier to use compared to others.

We’ll discuss all of these factors so that you are armed with the knowledge to purchase the best tonneau cover for your Ford F150 with confidence.

Hard Tonneau Covers vs. Soft Tonneau Covers vs. Retractable Tonneau covers

Possibly the first thing people naturally consider when shopping for a Ford F150 tonneau cover is whether they require a soft or hard cover.

Ultimately, this is a personal decision and will simply come down to taste most of the time. However, there are practical reasons why you may or may not benefit from soft, hard, or retractable tonneau covers.

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Soft Tonneau Bed covers

Soft tonneau covers are generally made from durable vinyl, canvas, or synthetic fabric. While this may not sound very reassuring they are actually very tough and designed to be resistant to the elements.

We find that the tonneau covers made from vinyl are the most reliable with regards to durability and weatherproofing. Indeed, most vinyl covers are derived from specially patented formulae.

Having said that, covers made from canvas can be comparably durable, certainly in the shorter term. Also, canvas tonneau covers can be lined with a waterproof layer, as can synthetic fabrics like polyester-based tonneau covers.

One weakness that seems to be across most soft tonneau covers is that the tightness can sometimes be left wanting resulting in flapping while the vehicle is in motion. Generally, this is limited to being a small irritant at most.

Another issue we spotted is that some are attached to the tonneau perimeter with Velcro. This can, in some cases, lead to a small amount of rain water leaking into the trunk. This isn’t a huge issue depending on the cargo you want to protect.

Design-wise, soft tonneau covers have a low profile appearance and can be adjusted for tension. Installation is usually really straightforward too, taking on average around 15 minutes to install in most cases.

Overall soft tonneau covers are moderately priced which will suit those that are on a tighter budget. Additionally, low price doesn’t necessarily mean lower quality as there are some excellent soft F150 tonneau covers available.

What we like about soft tonneau covers:

What we don’t like about soft tonneau covers:

Hard Tonneau Bed covers

Hard tonneau covers are probably the most popular choice. As the name suggests, they are physically solid and are therefore able to handle direct impacts from knocks.

Some people like this as it offers more protection not just against weather, but also any extreme hail, rocks, etc without sustaining any real damage. This offers Ford F150 owners more peace of mind in this regard.

Hard tonneau covers are also seen as more secure, in the sense that they are less likely to be cut open when compared to soft tonneaus covers. 

Hard Tonneau cover example

Also, there are fewer chances of small openings that may be caused by soft covers flapping around or being secured by Velcro.

The hard F150 tonneau covers are usually made from reinforced plastic, metal, or fiberglass. 

What’s more, they are also made to fit your specific Ford F150 model, so expect a perfect fit if you haven’t customized anything prior to installation.

Speaking installation, this can be a bit harder when compared to fitting the soft equivalent as the hard tonneau cover can be heavy. That said this extra weight can lead to offering improved balance to your vehicle.

What we like about hard tonneau covers:

What we don’t like about hard tonneau covers:

Retractable Tonneau Bed covers

Retractable tonneau covers are hard but instead of folding up and down like the aforementioned hard tonneaus example, these can be slid open and closed. This makes it both highly secure and durable.

These tonneau covers are split into many flat narrow slats of metal that are linked like a chain, very similar to shop front shutters.

So when you slide it open, the cover will roll into a coil behind the cab. This saves valuable space and makes it very easy to use.

Good quality F150 retractable tonneau covers are engineered with precision and workmanship in mind. They are designed so that minimal contact is made between all moving parts when the cover retracts into the coil.

This extends the life of the equipment and will therefore last for many years.

The coiling feature also ensures that, although the cover is hard, it need not be thick.

Indeed, retractable tonneau covers are very thin yet strong making for a very low profile appearance, which will complement the lines of your Ford F150 seamlessly.

However, due to the increased level of engineering involved, retractable covers can be very expensive for those on a small budget, but general consensus suggests that these are ultimately the best type of tonneau covers available.

What we like about retractable tonneau covers:

What we don’t like about retractable tonneau covers:

Is a tonneau cover worth it?

There is a multitude of reasons for getting a tonneau cover for your Ford F150. The key one being to secure the contents of your Ford F150 trunk.

The only effective way to do this is by purchasing a tonneau cover. So overall, if you need to use your trunk to store items then a tonneau cover is close to being an essential purchase.

So tonneau covers seem to be a must-have for those that need them, but is it worth buying an expensive tonneau cover?

This obviously depends on your budget. After all, all tonneau covers will provide security to your trunk cargo. However, the difference between, say, soft roll-up tonneau covers and hard retractable tonneau covers is stark.

As touched upon earlier, the engineering involved in making retractable is very precise and costly.

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This is due to retractable covers being a lot more complex in design, and thus extra effort is usually put in to ensure that they will last for many years with frequent use.

Also, due to the many more moving parts and specially engineered features of retractable covers, there is more scope to innovate and thus patent certain technology that serves to enhance the usability and durability of these covers.

If your budget will only allow you to purchase a soft roll-up or tri-fold cover, then it’s not worth breaking this budget just so you can get the latest and greatest tonneau cover that money can buy.

However, if budget is less of an issue then retractable tonneau covers are, overall, the best options available.


There are many tonneau covers to explore and consider. While it’s great that you have loads of choices, this can lead to some confusion and doubt when it comes to deciding the best one for your needs.

Hopefully, after reading this post you will be more confident in which Ford F150 tonneau cover will be best for you.

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