What are the Best Budget Seat Covers Under $100 in 2022?

Best seat covers under 100 dollars

One of the most popular modifications to a vehicle’s interior is seat covers. There are several factors behind this, but the most important ones are that they brighten and renew your inside while also protecting your current seats.

For many people, the cost of a seat cover is a deterrent. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money! We’d say that a budget of under $100 would be more than sufficient to find a quality set of seat covers.

So, how can you get some of the best budget seat covers for your automobile for less than $100?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of some outstanding reasonably priced seat cover alternatives that may be used for a variety of activities and lifestyles. Whatever your requirements, you’re sure to discover some ideas below!

The Pic Auto seat mesh design seat cover is designed to universally fit most cars and is airbags compatible. 

Material and Comfort

Made from an elasticated polyester mesh fabric, the seat cover will fit most seats and is very light and breathable.

The thicker than expected padding makes these covers inviting to sit in and feel like they will last a good amount of time.

One problem is that the material doesn’t appear to be waterproof and will soak in spills unless you get to it quickly. Also, according to the manufacturer these seat covers are not machine washable. 

Play Video about Pic Auto Seat cver installation video


To install you just need to pull the cover over the seat and fasten the harness and you’re done. Smartly designed with pockets behind the seats for rear passengers to use. 

One thing to bear in mind is that seats that have attached arms rests may restrict the cover from being pulled all the way over, which can be a pain if you want a perfectly fitting seat cover.

However, being light these are very easy to move around until you are happy with the fit.




A really good-looking set of seat covers when installed properly and comfortable to use. In most cases, the cover fits tightly and is very easy to install. Being priced well below $100 makes this option worth considering.

These universal fitting seat covers made by Black Panther are made from stylish PU leather and will fit the vast majority of cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks. 

Material and Comfort

A little closer to the $100 price limit than some other options on our list, but for good reason.

The material is made from soft PU leather and is embroidered with a cross-stitch design adding a luxurious touch.

The mesh finish is also a good design point as this ensures that these seat covers will stay breathable, even in hot climates. 

Although soft, the material feels durable enough to last regular usage over time and is waterproof so will be easy to wipe any spills.

It may also be worth protecting the PU leather with a pet seat cover if you like to take your pooch around.

Black Panther seat cover dimensions


Style-wise, these seat covers are available in a good number of colors so there should be an option available for pretty much anyone, no matter your taste. 

The only downside we can really pick at is that these are not full coverage seat covers, and as such will leave large parts of the original seat exposed, especially at the sides.

This doubles as a positive, however, as these allow side airbags to be deployed with restriction, making them airbag compatible.




A stylish and sleek set of seat covers that will add a bit of luxury to your interior. The PU leather is soft yet durable and should last the rigors of everyday use. 

Being available in many colors also makes this a versatile selection and should suit you whatever your tastes.

Material and Comfort

Made from neoprene these seat covers manufactured by FH Group are breathable and water-resistant making them great for those with young kids.

They can be used in heated seats according to the manufacturer so feel free to blast the heat in the winter without a worry. 

They also come with storage pockets, which will be handy for rear-seat passengers to store their belongings. 

Storage pocket for rear seat passengers

Any spills can be easily wiped away before they cause any harm. This also serves to protect your existing seats effectively. However, if needed, these can also be machine washed which is a bonus.

Built with non-slip lining, the covers will stay in place while driving. Available in a healthy number of color combinations to go with whatever interior design you may have.


It must be said that although fairly light and stretchy, these seat covers are a bit of a pain to install, especially the back seats.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get these installed. Once complete you should have yourself a nice seat of seat covers. 




Available in multiple color schemes these seat covers made by FH Group are very comfy and breathable. Being waterproof makes these suitable for regular family use with spills being easily wipeable.

If you can get through a potentially tricky install you will have yourself a decent set of seat covers, at well below $100.

Made by Gorla, these universally fitting seat covers are completely compatible with airbags and will fit the vast majority of seat covers in cars, SUVs, and trucks. 

Material and Comfort

The neoprene material works to provide a waterproof yet breathable layer between you and the original seats.

This makes the seat cover suitable for those that need something to protect the seats from sweat after a strenuous gym session or on a hot day, but also want to remain comfortable.

Play Video about Gorla Gear seat cover video


As these are so light and portable, they can be stored in the trunk until you next need to use them. 

At first look, these Gorla seat covers appear very simplistic but the black with white trim design gives it a nice designer edge when compared to similar seat cover types. 

As touched upon earlier, these seat protectors are very comfortable with the neoprene fabric giving a spongy padded feel when used.




A simple but effective seat protector that will be a welcome accessory for those that want to protect their seat from sweat on a hot day or after a run.

At this price point, these are highly recommended if you just need a protector that you can throw over your existing seats.


These Autoyouth seat covers have an interesting eye-catching pattern to the fabric which appears almost like the tread of tires.

Available in several color combinations which should please those who like options. We personally think red is sharp and will make your interior pop nicely.


The quality of the material is a little bit of a letdown on first appearance. The main issue is that even though there is padding the thickness of the covers seems very thin in places.

This makes us question how durable these seat covers will end up being.

These seat covers can be machine washed which is a plus point, although it may not be something you want to do too often given the hassle the installation process can be… 


Installation can be a bit tricky with some users suggesting that fastening the covers can take more time than expected.

You may need to give yourself at least an hour to complete fitment.

When installed, these covers do look good however and should serve to freshen up your interior well.

Autoyouth seat cover front seats
Autoyouth front seat covers


The rear-seat passengers have the added benefit of access to the storage pockets located behind the front seats.

These are also designed to fit multiple rear seat configurations including 40/60, 40/20/40, and 50/50 split, as well rear seats with a center console.




If you want something that is available in an eye-catching variety of colors then this is a good option to go for. With that said, the fabric appears thinner than expected in places, and installation can be tricky for some. 

Overall these are a bright set of seat covers that should help to immediately freshen up your interior.

Buying Guide For Car Seat Covers Under $100

When it comes to car seat covers, there are a lot of different options. The best thing you can do is make your purchase based on your preferences and needs.

Use this buying guide as a starting point for evaluating various types of car seat cover before settling on the right one for you!

What is a car seat cover good for?

The car seat cover is a must-have for any driver that wants to protect their original seats.

With the right type of protection, you can protect your seats and keep them clean and fresh-smelling.

But here are some other benefits of using seat covers:

  • Provides protection for everyday driving
  • Keeps the inside of your vehicle clean and avoids spills and messes
  • They freshen up your vehicle interior design
  • Makes cleaning your vehicle easier with quick, easy removal
  • Helps to protect the value of your vehicle

The different types of car seat covers and what they do

There are a few different types of car seat covers that people can use to protect their seats. But there are two main types that you will likely come across when shopping for seat covers.

Universal seat covers

Universal seat covers are usually a one-size-fits-all option that you can buy for your car. They cover most of the seat’s surface (although not 100%), and they will be provided for front and/or back seats depending on the manufacturer.

Some universal seat covers sets will include headrests and console covers. However, it’s worth noting that due to being a more generic fit, these extras may not fit perfectly.

So what are the advantages of universal seat covers?

What are the disadvantages of universal seat covers?

Custom-fit seat covers

Custom-fit covers are designed to fit the seats of specific vehicle models, and as such tend to fit snugly, following the exact contours of your seats as intended.

As a result of being custom-fit, such seat covers also look great, and in some instances can look very close to a factory-like fit.

This also provides better coverage than most universal fit seat covers which helps to give plenty of protection against any type of spills or dirt while still offering an enjoyable ride on the inside.

As a consequence of the extra detail in the design process, custom-fit seat covers can be more expensive than universal seat covers. However, the extra price can be something people are willing to pay in order to get a better fit.

So what are the advantages of custom-fit seat covers?

What are the disadvantages of custom-fit seat covers?

What Material Are Car Seat Covers Made From?

Most car seat covers are made from polyester, cotton, neoprene, or PU Leather.  Each material serves its own purpose and offers different benefits to the consumer.


Car seat covers made from polyester are usually affordable and physically flexible enabling to stretch around different seat types. This makes them good universally fitting options.

Typically machine washable, seat covers made from polyester are easy to wash with soap and water but can be difficult to wipe clean as they are not usually waterproof.

From a comfort perspective, they can be multilayered with extra padding making them reasonably comfortable to sit on. they are also fairly breathable, although probably not as breathable as some neoprene options.


Cloth car seat covers make excellent choices if you want comfort and durability. Generally, they are thicker than other types of car seat covers giving a canvas-like feel.

Cotton is naturally cool to the skin and so will be comfortable in the hotter months, and cooler during summer days.

Cotton seat covers

Seat covers made from this material also tend to breathe well, adding to the comfort. You won’t feel stuffy inside the car even when it gets hot or humid outside.

Most high-quality cotton covers look neat and stylish, yet also lend themselves to being suitable for more explorer types who like to travel the outdoors and don’t mind a bit of rugged durability. 

Unless coated with resin, cotton seat covers do not tend to be waterproof, making them difficult o maintain on a daily basis, soaking up spills, etc.

PU Leather / Leatherette

PU Leather (aka leatherette) car seat covers are very popular. They are comfortable, stylish, and look great in almost any type of vehicle especially if the interior color is contemporary. This material has a nice luxurious feel which suits most luxury cars.

At the same time, seat covers made from PU leather are usually designed to be breathable so your skin won’t get clammy during warm summer days.

PU leather car seat covers can be cleaned easily as and when required with some soap and water, although excessive spot cleaning may cause wear. However, they are not usually machine washable.

They can also be priced at a premium, but in our opinion, these seat covers look the best, especially the custom-fit options (some of which we picked out in our various reviews).


Neoprene car seat covers are used for all types of vehicles even the ones with leather interiors.

The material has a texture that keeps you warm during the winter months and feels cool during summer days.

Neoprene also breathes well so you don’t feel hot or stuffy inside your car’s cabin on warm days. 

We have found that the best neoprene seat covers are actually portable seat protectors that can be stored away in the trunk and thrown over the seat when needed.

Moreover, even such portable neoprene seat covers can be designed stylishly and even available in custom-fit options to fit your specific vehicle model.

As neoprene is very effective at being waterproof and breathable, they are excellent for those that want temporary protection from sweat after the gym, etc.

They are durable, easy to clean, and quite affordable compared to other materials, and usually machine washable.

The average price for most types of seat covers ranges anywhere from around $10 to $100 per seat.

The price of seat covers can depend on a number of factors. These include:

  • Material - Different materials have varying manufacturing costs
  • Fit type - Generally custom fit seat covers are more expensive than universal equivalents. This is mainly due to the more specific manufacturing requirements for custom fit seat covers compared to universal, and how close to OEM-like they are aiming to be.
  • Purpose of the seat cover - some set covers are needed for temporary protection for a few minutes or hours - these can be less pricey than seat covers that are intended for more long-term consistent use.

If you want something that is more likely to be waterproof and wipeable, then we’d say that leather and PU leather seat covers are worth considering.

As well as giving a more luxurious feel, leather seat covers are also surprisingly durable and will handle the rigors of everyday use long-term.

There are also some excellent cloth seat covers out there, and they come in different forms. If you want rugged durability then we’d recommend going for canvas woven seat covers.

However, cloth seat covers also provide a more versatile range of color combinations than leather seat covers. This will enable you to find something that will more likely suit your tastes and your interior.

Although not waterproof, cloth seat covers also tend to be machine washable.

Overall yes. The main reasons for getting seat covers are as follows:

Protecting existing seats:
Seat covers will ensure that your original seats are protected from any spills, ground-in dirt, and physical damage that might occur during the lifetime of your vehicle.

This protection will ensure that you need to put in much less work and money into keeping the original seats fresh than without seat covers.

Upgrading your interior:
Seat covers will also serve to freshen up your interior, giving your vehicle a new lease of life. There are many different designs out there, and as such there will be options available to suit the vast majority of people's tastes.

Preserving the value of your vehicle:
The protection that seat covers offer will in turn keep your vehicle seats in as close to original condition as possible. This acts to preserve the value of your vehicle overall.

Neoprene seat covers have excellent water repellent properties. This makes them very good at ensuring spills are easy to wipe away, and avoiding that clammy sweaty feeling you might get after a workout or in hot weather.

Neoprene seat covers are also easy to clean and generally can be machine washed.

Yes, you can. If this is a worry we would recommend purchasing a seat cover that is machine washable. This will make them easier to wash thoroughly.


Alternatively, you could opt for seat covers made from waterproof material that can be wiped clean.

  • Seat covers look great
  • They are designed to provide ergonomic coverage protection for your seats
  • Easier to maintain
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