Best Seat Covers For Toyota Tacoma – 2022 Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Toyota Tacoma Seat covers

Finding the best seat cover for your Toyota Tacoma is a task that can be fraught with indecision and gotchas that require further researching and clarification.

This, as you may already have already experienced, can turn into an exceptionally time-consuming task, and this is where this guide aims to help.

We have researched a number of seat covers and listed what feel are the best options for you Toyota Tacoma. Furthermore, we also help explore the many different factors that affect whether certain seat covers are suitable for you.  

EKR custom-fit seat covers that will fit Toyota Tacoma (2016-2021) Double Cab, and are customized to accommodate side airbags.

Provided for front row, full set, or rear seats 60/40 split configuration.


Provided in a selection of subtle trim colors these EKR custom fit sear covers are elegantly styled, with stitching that helps give a factory-style look.

As these seat covers are custom made specifically for your Toyota Tacoma, they hug the seats as expected. Passengers should get a good first impression when they first see your seat covers.


A luxurious leatherette material gives these seat covers a lovely soft feel. However, they are not just limited to looking and feeling good. They are also quite resilient to everyday wear and tear.

The PU leather material is waterproof providing an easy to wipe surface, which great for those with a hectic lifestyle with family or expecting to transport loads of friends around.


When installed correctly these are extremely comfortable. This is helped by the padding in the middle layer of the material. When fitted tightly the seat covers have little give which a secure feeling in a moving vehicle.


Installation will require a fair bit of effort in order to have these fit snuggly.

While time-consuming and difficult at times, especially when fitting the rear seat covers, this effort is rewarded with an excellent looking set of seat covers. Give yourself a couple of hours if you don’t have help.

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For those with electric driver seats, the controls may be obscured a little by the seat covers. To overcome this you may be required to either:

  • Cut out the part of the seat covers that hang over the controls
  • Remove the seat so that you can tuck the seat covers neatly behind the seat control unit
  • Or simply leave the seat cover to hang over the control (which can be a little irritating for some people)




An elegantly designed fully custom-fit seat covers that will truly enhance your Toyota Tacoma interior. The slick look and feel is complemented by durability and easy maintenance.

The only downside is the effort and, at times, the tricky installation process. However, this doesn’t affect the overall quality of these seat cover.

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These Oasis Auto seat covers are custom-fit designed specifically for Toyota Tacoma. Variations are available for models made from 2009 through to 2021, and compatible with side airbags and heated seats.


The custom-fit design looks sleek when installed properly. Available in several main colors, all of which complement the contemporary finish of the leatherette material. Certainly a smart looking upgrade for your Toyota Tacoma.


Made from PU leather which feels authentic and soft to the touch. Resilient enough to withstand spills that can be wiped away easily due to the water-resistant fabric.

Also surprisingly durable, and as such you should expect this to last a decent amount of time even with frequent use.


Breathable and comfortable due to the layer of padding in the fabric, making these seat covers comfortable on long journeys.

Compartments placed on the rear of the front seat covers provide convenient places for rear passengers to place their belongings.


Installation can potentially be time-consuming and tricky in places with the headrest cover size being a bone of contention for some customers.

However, Oasis Auto do provide very good supporting material to aid installation. These are made readily available on their product page. General feedback suggests that these can take around an hour and a half to fit for one person.

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A very stylish and sleek set of seat covers that provide full-coverage protection for your seats.

The fitting instructions are made readily accessible and really help with what could easily have been a more stressful installation process – this is a big plus.

Overall a very good upgrade option that should last the distance.

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Universally fitting seat covers that fit Toyota Tacoma models.


These leatherette seat covers are diamond stitched and available in several colors.

Due to being universally fitting, they do not provide 100 percent seat coverage but are designed to make this work well aesthetically. This also makes these set covers completely side airbag compatible.


Stylish yet durable PU leather which is also waterproof, allowing for spills to be easily wiped away when caught quickly.

The inner layer is filled with a padded sponge that as well as adding extra comfort, also gives the seat covers an appealing look.

Luckyman Toyota Tacoma Seat cover material


As mentioned, the multi-layered shell contains padding which makes seat covers really quite comfortable. This coupled with the breathability of the fabric makes this a joy use on long journeys in potentially hot climates.

To add to this the underside of the seat covers is lined with a non-slip material that keeps the seat covers from moving around during driving.


A relatively easy set of seat covers to install. The manufacturers suggest that these can be fitted without the need to remove the back seats.

However, customer feedback suggests that that the trickiest part of the fitting is when it comes to accessing the back of the rear seats.

Having said that, instructional videos are available on the product page which gives a good demonstration of how to install.




For those who want an easy to fit seat cover that will provide much-needed protection for your Toyota Tacoma, the Luckyman Club 5 seat covers are a good option to go for.

They are durable, beautifully embroidered, and easy to clean. One of the best universal fit seat covers available.

These Covercraft Carhartt seat covers are custom fit and are designed for Toyota Tacoma models from 2016 to 2020.


A smart appearance combined with a rough and ready durable material makes these seat covers a great upgrade of your Toyota Tacoma interior.

The custom-fit design looks natural and smart enough for guests to enjoy and can mix it on away trips to the great outdoors. The gravel gray color also helps maintain a neutral look.


Being made from cotton these seat covers are naturally breathable making for a cooling experience on longer journeys.

The high quality material is noticeable although if fitted loosely the fabric can move around a little during drives. 


Installation is straightforward enough especially considering that these are custom-fit full-coverage seat covers.

Two people should be able to fit the full set in around an hour according to customer feedback. The video below gives a good idea of what’s involved in the installation process.

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As already mentioned, the material is durable which is attributable to the cotton blend duck weave Carhartt fabric.

Also, being machine washable they will provide excellent protection for your original Toyota Tacoma seats while being easy to maintain.

On top of this, these seat covers also contain a waterproof layer making spills easier than expected (for this material type) to wipe away when caught early.




These Covercraft Carhartt seat covers are of very good quality. They work well from a durability perspective and are rough and ready for all sorts of uses.

A worthy option to upgrade your interior although the one downside, for those on a budget, is the high cost.

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These universal seat covers from FH Group side airbag compatible and will fit all Toyota Tacoma models.


Smart in appearance and should fit the seats snuggly for a neat style. Designed with the side airbags in mind, and as such will allow unhampered safe deployment if necessary.

Available in several color trims, so there should be something available for most people’s tastes.


The material can be best described as polyester, although this isn’t confirmed by the manufacturer from what we saw. The product description states that they are faux leather, but this isn’t the case.

Having said that the material is elasticated and so makes for a tight fit when installed correctly.

One issue that may concern is how thin the fabric appears to be. It feels as though it can wear away after frequent constant use over the medium term. This concern is also echoed by some customer feedback.

The elasticated polyester also seems to attract pet fur very easily, so something for pet owners to be aware of.

FH Group seat cover for Toyota Tacoma


Although thin, the material hugs the seat in a way that you at least get the benefit of the original seat cushion.

The breathability of the seat covers is good, but the apparent static energy or the physical structure of the fabric means that any loose hair or fur can ‘cling’ easily making frequent cleaning an absolute necessity.


Installation is straight forward and due to being lightweight, the seat covers can be maneuvered easily to help fit these in as easily as possible.

One thing to note is that the headrest covers can only be installed out of the box if your headrests are detachable, so be sure to check this before purchase.




At the price point, these seat covers are a workable option for those that want to protect their seats without having to fork out loads of cash for the privilege.

As a consequence, however, the quality can be left wanting when compared to other seat covers from higher price points.

Handy tips when shopping for a seat cover for your Toyota Tacoma

Changin up your Toyota Tacoma seat covers are an effective way to noticeably refresh your vehicle’s interior. 

However, once you start researching which ones you might fancy, you can soon realize that there’s more to consider than first thought. We’ll take a deeper dive into these factors.


While we will all have our own reasons for upgrading our seat covers, one of the key reasons for doing this is to protect the original seats from damage due to wear and tear, etc.

This helps to maintain the value of the vehicle over the long term.

In this respect, seat covers are only as good as the material they are made from. There are a number of material types that seat covers can be made from. 


Neoprene fabric

The flexibility of Neoprene (both physical and practical) make it a very attractive material for everyday use items.

These include:

  • Medical use / Orthopaedic supports
  • Watersports / Activewear
  • Personal Protective Equipment, e.g. face masks
  • Office equipment, e.g. mouse mats

Why neoprene is useful in car seat covers:

The molecular structure of neoprene gives it a naturally spongy texture which is why seat covers made from this material tend to be comfortable.

The hydrophobic properties of neoprene make it great for protecting against water absorption and thus making it easy to wipe away spills. 

Neoprene can be manufactured to be as dense or as light as needed. As a result, neoprene seat covers can be light and easy to move around during installation.

Although neoprene is a very useful material and makes some excellent seat covers, the price point is still quite accessible, depending on the example you are going for.

What we like about neoprene seat covers:

What we don’t like about neoprene:

Leather/PU Leather

PU leather has a wide range of benefits that makes then excellent for seat covers.

Why PU leather is useful in car seat covers:

Seat covers made from PU leather tend to be stylistically sleek and overall quite durable. In terms of style the options available seem to offer a variety of attractive of embroidery types, and trim combination colors. 

The advantage of PU leather seat covers is that, while they are good looking, they are also durable and easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. This in part is down to them also being waterproof.

In terms of affordability, seat covers made form this material tend to be in the middle to higher end of the budget scale.

That said, they tend to also be among the better quality examples of seat covers, especially the custom-fit ones.

What we like about PU Leather seat covers:

What we don’t like about leather:

Cotton Blend

Seat covers made from cotton-blend are usually breathable, durable, and machine washable. These three characteristics are big pulls that attract customers. This may also be because the material itself is a familiar one that most people will know how to maintain, etc.

What we like about cotton-blend seat covers:

What we don’t like about cotton-blend seat covers:


Being aware of what is involved in the fitting of the seat cover is extremely important. If the instructions aren’t easy to follow or non-existent then it’s very likely that you experience with the product will be more stressful than is should be.

 As a consequence, some people may even give up during the installation, or install the seat covers in an unintended way making for what seems like an inadequately fitting product.


Thankfully, a growing number of manufacturers are realising this and providing excellent installation instruction resources.

We advise that you check this with the manufacturer, either by exploring the product page or enquiring with them directly.

Universal Fit seat cover

Universal-fit seat covers are designed to fit multiple vehicle makes, models, and configurations.

The reason why this can be an attractive option is that they will be more likely to fit your Toyota Tacoma due to this flexibility in fitting. They also tend to be easier to install.

One downside to this is that you are less likely to achieve a full coverage protection of your seats with the universal-fit then the custom-fit option, although they can still look very nice. 

What we like about universal-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about universal-fit seat covers: 

Custom Fit Seat Covers

Custom-fit seat covers on the other are generally designed to specially fit the seat configuration of your Toyota Tacoma.

So, while this doesn’t allow for as much flexibility, you can be more confident that they will actually fit perfectly.

Moreover, good quality custom-fit seat covers will provide full coverage protection and should fit snuggly. Indeed, in some cases the result can be OEM-like in fit.

The issue with custom-fit seat covers is that they tend to require a more involved installation process than the universal-fit equivalent.

This extra effort can be mitigated by the manufacturer provided proper installation instruction material that that is easily accessible, as touched upon further up.

What we like about custom-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about custom-fit seat covers: 

Recommendations / Feedback

Receiving recommendations from people that have actually used the product is probably the most important piece of information you can have.

This can be from people you know personally , or by checking the customer feedback on the product page or independent rating/review sites.

Finding as much first had information as possible will hopefully help offer more of a peace of mid when you finally make your decision.

How can I make my Tacoma seats more comfortable?

Things that you can try to make your Toyota Tacoma seats more comfortable include:

Changing the seat covers – This will freshen up the perceived comfort of the cushions and the breathability of the seat fabric. There are plenty of option available that have more or less cushioning, depending on your needs. On top of this they will also protect your original seats, so this is a win-win.

Adjusting the seat positioning and height - If your front seats are adjustable then try to move them towards or further away from the front or recline them. Also you may be able to adjust the height which can help those with still joints.

Adjusting the lumbar support - sometime simply adjusting the lumbar support can be a game changer for back issues. Play around with this until you find the sweet spot.

Replace the seats - If you have access to a scrap yard, there’s a good chance of finding discarded seats that are still in excellent condition and may have additional features when compared to your original seats.

The only thing to keep in mind is that this will require a component eve of DIY skills to do yourself. Paying a professional to do this for you will, of course, cost extra.

Which color seat cover is best for car?

This obviously depends on your personal taste, but in general the most popular seat cover color is by far and away black.

This could be down to it’s neutral appeal, or perhaps because most manufacturers don’t offer many colors other than black or gray. Having said that, there are still different trim colors available should you want to change things up.

Also, the best color seat cover will also depend on the how the owner want to combine the color of their vehicle exterior with their interior.

What is the most durable seat cover material?

PU Leather seat covers are surprisingly more durable that people might think on first glance. But certainty many PU leather seat covers feel capable of handling the rigors of frequent use over the ling term.

Seat covers made from cotton blend that that is woven in such a way that makes it a tough canvas-like fabric are extremely durable. An example of such seat covers is the Covercraft Carhartt duck weave seat cover. This looks fit to use on rough and ready outdoor camping trips and the like.

What's better canvas or neoprene seat covers?

It depends on what features are most important to you. Neoprene is famed for being waterproof and thus easy to wipe clean. Also their hydrophobic properties help it feel breathable if you have just come out of the gym and are a nit in the sweaty side.

Having said that, they are not the most durable which is where canvas seat covers excel. Canvas seat covers will not get damaged easily, and will last for years. The only real downside of them is that they’re maybe not so easy to just wipe clean, although they tend to be machine washable.

Who makes the best seat covers for Toyota Tacoma?

There are a growing number of quality seat covers on the market for your Toyota Tacoma. Our best pick is reviewed earlier in this post, so scroll up and see if you agree.


There is a lot that goes into the researching and eventually purchasing of a new set of seat covers for your Toyota Tacoma.

As detailed above, the factors that should be considered all have their own significance, and depends on the ultimate motive of the potential buyer.

There are a number of excellent options on the market, and hopefully reading this guide will have helped to clarify any uncertainties.

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