The Best And Most Effective Seat Covers For Sweat in 2022

Best Seat covers for sweat

We’ve all been there. It’s really warm, you are already sweating bullets, and then you enter your car. It’s almost as if sitting in a car makes you sweat even more! Typical.

An open window only provides so much comfort, as welcome as it is. But it can’t totally get rid of that clammy feeling that builds up between you and your seats. 

Thankfully, there are some very good and effective seat covers that can introduce much-needed relief to this problem. What’s more, there is enough variety to satisfy almost any taste, be that design or ethically speaking.

Read on to see what to see some of the best seat covers that help to combat sweat and humidity. 

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    The Gorla Gear seat cover is a lightweight and portable option that can be stored in the trunk until you need it. 

    Made from neoprene, the material is waterproof, breathable, and is great at handling sweat build-up in hot and humid environments or after a workout. 

    Moreover, this material is comfortable and provides a spongy padded feel. 

    It comes in several colors, and these options seem to increase every so often which is great. The trim is well designed and gives the seat protector a sleek edge.  

    Fit-wise, these Gorla Gear seat protectors are provided in universal fit making them suitable for most vehicles. 

    They are compatible with airbags, seat belts, and armrests, and are designed to handle clammy sweatiness.




    A portable and fresh seat cover that can be fitted, rolled up, or carried around easily makes this seat cover a favorable option for those that need temporary relief from clammy sweat build-up. 

    Very effective at offering a breathable yet waterproof layer between yourself and your seats.

    Introducing Suninbox’s universal seat cover which is made from organic material from shell to filling. The shell is made from linen and the filling is composed of buckwheat hulls. 

    Linen is a commonly used material in clothes and upholstery and is popular for being cool and breathable. 

    What’s more, they do not retain odor easily even though they are good at absorbing sweat. This means they will smell naturally fresh longer than many other fabrics. 

    Buckwheat hulls are naturally occurring shells that contain the grain-like seed called buckwheat. 

    Buckwheat is a popular organic food that you can find mainly in the organic aisle of your grocery store. Buckwheat hulls are basically the shell that contains buckwheat. 

    Buckwheat hulls are not as good at insulating heat as synthetic fillings and will therefore be more likely to provide a cooling experience when used. 

    Also due to their irregular shape and physical durability, buckwheat hulls are excellent at moving air around them when someone sits on cushions filled this. This provides a subtle and natural air conditioning effect.

    The characteristics described above tick many boxes for those that want a seat cover that will be cooling to use, comfortable, and as organic as they come.

    One gripe we have is that the manufacturer doesn’t provide an option to buy twin packs, but they can still be purchased individually anyway. 

    Also, on the first few uses, the buckwheat hull filling can feel a little stiff and hard. This only lasts until you get a few sessions with it. After that, they should adjust with your contours and become more comfortable over time.  

    From a style perspective, they are available in several colors a have a detailed corrugated stitched effect, which we think looks the part.




    These seat covers by Suninbox are pleasurable to use and, due to the materials used to make them, are naturally cooling and breathable. 

    This makes them a great option for those that want to stay cool in hot environments but also like the idea of the use of organic materials being used.

    These seat covers are like towels that will readily absorb sweat and moisture but are also waterproof, so they will not allow excess moisture through to the seats beneath. 

    The waterproof lining also has rubberized nibs that help to hold thee the seat covers n place, which enhances comfort and safety during a drive.

    Very easy to fold away and store in the trunk or somewhere close by until needed. They can be installed in seconds as all you need to do is throw them over the seats and that’s it, literally.

    They are available in several colors and are machine washable making them extremely easy to maintain.




    A no thrills, straight-to-the-point seat protector that is good at absorbing sweat and moisture.

    They are waterproof which protects your seat and are machine washable. Easy to store away and therefore makes for a great choice for those that are on the go.

    The EVNV Seat Cover is universal fitting and so will fit most vehicles. However, they are also available custom-designed for Tesla Model 3, S, and Y.

    Made from durable, nonslip, waterproof neoprene for catching spills, these sleek covers match the shape of both driver and passenger seats.

    Being light and easy to maneuver also makes the EVNV seat cover really easy to remove and install as you wish.

    The neoprene material used to make these seat covers make it suitable for those of use that need to feel dry and cool after a workout, or in sweat-inducing climates.

    Additionally, being machine washable makes this seat cover easy to maintain, and the portability makes it very convenient use keep nearby

    It can be easily installed by strategically placing straps around the back of the seat. Very light to move around get perfect before starting your journey.

    The clean, simple design may be too simple for those looking for a more eye-catching and fuller coverage set of seat covers but doesn’t mean that it lacks comfort.

    There is also a non-slip backing that won’t loosen its grip at sudden stops or speeds, and the padding is incorporated into the material making it very comfortable to use.




    Light and portable, these seat covers are just a great option to have folded away in the trunk for whenever you need it.

    They are cooling to the skin and the neoprene fabric makes it breathable and handles perspiration well.

    These Zonetech cooling seat covers are an interesting proposition which is basically half gadget half seat cover and is designed to keep you cool while driving. 

    They have a fan that lightly blows air on your legs and thighs which gives relief from built-up heat and sweat.

    Located beneath the upper legs the fan strength can be easily adjusted via a remote control that is attached to the seat cover.

    This fan is powered via the 12v power socket found in your vehicle.

    In some cases, you may have to give it a few minutes before the full cooling benefits become noticeable, but after that, it seems to work well and consistently. 

    In terms of design, the seat cover is comfortable and has a neutral look and feel. The fan itself, however, makes a humming sound that may be distracting for some.

    Although comfortable, the lack of a sufficiently non-slip lining means that the seat can be liable to moving around, depending on how tightly it is installed.

    This can be remedied by using an aftermarket non-slip lining.




    Overall this is a relatively inexpensive seat cover that is powered by gadgetry.

    It is effective at helping you to stay cool and dry in hot environments and will provide much-needed comfort.

    If you don’t mind waiting a few short minutes before for it to get really going you will be able to appreciate its benefits.

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