Best Seat Covers For Honda CRV Review – 2022 Edition

Best seat cover for Honda CRV

There are many car seat covers that will do the job you need them to do. But which ones will actually fit your Honda CRV properly?

This is where the pain can begin when you embark down the rabbit hole of research and reviews (including this one) hoping to get some further idea of the most suitable option for you. 

Well, we think you have landed on the right page because we have a list of 7 car seat covers that you might want to consider for your Honda CRV.

Read on to see what’s available. 

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1. BEST OVERALL - EKR Custom Fit Seat Covers for Honda CRV Review

Here is a set of PU leather car seat covers that provide options for Honda CRV from 2012 through to 2020. Available for the front and rear seats.


A lovely PU leather style that is available in several colors, this will be a decent upgrade for most vehicles. The finish is great with a stylish stitch pattern and when installed correctly is tight and looks the part.

EKR Car seat cover honda CRV back seat

A beautifully fitting seat covers that provides the type of coverage you might expect from an OEM replacement. 

The foam padding is comfortable giving a quality look and feel. The shell is waterproof, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

These seat covers are also compatible with side airbags.


EKR provides options that will also fit Honda CRV from 2012 onwards.

With these EKR custom seat covers being full coverage and a custom fit, installing this so that it will fit your seats snuggly and tightly will require a fair bit of time.

Having said that the results are utterly rewarding when done correctly.

Instructions are available in video format and written, so be sure to follow them diligently, and convince a friend to help out if possible. Between you, this can be installed within a couple of hours.

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As touched upon earlier, the padding is constructed well and is a joy to use on longer journeys.

This coupled with the hint of luxury in the finish will provide you and your passengers a nice experience.




A premium option that will provide aesthetics that many people have been happy with. An excellent alternative if you don’t fancy spending 1000s on factory seat covers.

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2. LUCKYMAN CLUB 2 Leather Seat Covers for Honda CRV Review

Will fit all Honda CRV from 2000 onward according to the manufacturer, and is side airbag compatible. Available to select for the front and rear seats.


PU Leather style seat covers that give a luxurious touch and great comfort. The embroidered stitching is secure and the trim Is provided in different colors.

The Breathable PU leather is durable, strong, and will make this a good option at any time of the year.

When installed these seat covers do not provide full coverage. The headrests and the side of the seats are partially exposed. This is by design, but something to consider if you are looking for an OEM-like fit.

Luckyman Club 2 seat cover honda crv


Installation is a breeze with these seat covers. As these aren’t custom-fit seat covers, like the EKR option discussed above, there is very little effort required in fitting this.

You pretty much just need to throw it on and fasten a few buckles and harnesses.  We suggest this taking no more than 20 minutes to install.


The breathable PU leather material coupled with decent cushioning makes this comfortable enough to use. Needs to be fastened pretty securely to feel snug and tight.




A great option if you want to balance a luxury look and feel with ease of installation and effortless maintenance.

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3. OASIS AUTO Custom Fit Seat Covers for Honda CRV (2017-2021)

Oasis Auto provides options that will Honda CRV 2012-2016 / 2017-2021.


Custom full-coverage stylish seat covers, that will give a fresh authentic look. Oasis Auto provides a number of colors that should cater to most tastes. 

The material is PU leather with minimalistic stitching, providing a clean and simple appearance.


While potentially time-consuming, the installation is supported by excellent instruction videos on YouTube. This makes installation a whole easier than it could be without it.

It’s recommended to leave yourself 1-2 hours to fit these seat covers.

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The material is soft a breathable making it a pleasant experience to use. The material is waterproof making it stress-free to maintain and clean.




These Oasis Auto car seat covers provide full coverage and an authentic finish that is durable and easy to clean. A decent option.

4. CARSCOVER Custom Fit Seat Covers for Honda CR-V (2017-2020)

CarsCover seat cover for Honda CRV

Neoprene cushion seat covers that will fit the from and rear seats of 2017-2020 Honda CRVs.


Made with Neoprene fabric and a foam-like cushioning layer these seat covers are functional and do what you would expect.

Aesthetically the seat covers are neat enough and the style seems to focus on simplicity.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many style options available as yet.


This makes installation reasonably easy, especially for a set of full-coverage seat covers.

Due to the neoprene material, these seat covers are also light to carry. This should make for a less stressful installation than the previously discussed full-coverage seat covers.

CarsCover seat cover for honda crv


The padding is simple but effective with the foam-like material. Although the manufacturer claims this to be waterproof, we’d reserve judgment a while longer. Extended usage may test the waterproof treatment more adequately.


Our first impression is that this may not be as durable as some other examples that are made with tougher PU leather.




Simple and effective car seat covers that are relatively easy to install. The style is no thrills, which may not be an issue for most people.

5. AIERXUAN 5 Seat Covers for Honda CRV

AIERXUAN car seat cover for Honda CRV

These Aierxuan seat covers are compatible with Honda CRV 2007 onward and will accommodate side airbags. Also available as a set for the front and rear seats.


Made with PU leather, which is backed up with adequate padding and quality stitching which makes for a stylish embroidered finish. Available in several styles and subtle trim colors.

Although these seat covers are not a full coverage outfit, they do sit nicely and allow for more than enough space for things like airbags.

The logo in the center of the backrest may be an acquired taste.


This can be fitted within 20-30 minutes and the instructions provided are easy to follow.

There is no need to cut out holes for airbags and such, as this accounts for most of these situations.


The padding is comfortable and made with a sponge material that does the job and feels long-lasting. The surface is extremely easy to clean and is family-friendly.


The material feels hard-wearing. The waterproof surface gives even more confidence that this will last a good while.




An easy to install, and durable set of car seat covers that should provide for more most. One thing to be aware of is that this doesn’t provide 100 percent coverage.

6. BEST VALUE: GORLA Premium Waterproof Seat Covers for Honda CRV

Gorla Car seat cover Honda CRV

Thes Gorla car seat covers will fit most Honda CRVs and are airbag compatible.


A simple but effective seat cover that will protect your car seat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The neoprene material helps to make this seat cover breathable. Perfect for use immediately after a workout for those with pets.

Even though the design is simplistic, it actually looks good with it. As we said earlier, simple but effective.


Fitting these car seat covers is a breeze, and should only take a few minutes. This is helped by the fact that it is also very lightweight.

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The neoprene spongy padding gives adequate comfort for longer journeys. This coupled with the non-slip lining and extra strapping provides a secure driving experience.

These seat covers are also water-resistant which helps with being able to quickly wipe any spills. 

Some customer reviews have reported issues with the non-slip lining after turning on heated seats.




A lightweight cost-effective option that is great for many purposes.

Whether you have pets and want to protect your seats, or have just finished a workout need a breathable environment to cool down in while you drive home, these seat covers will do the job.

7. FREESOO Seat Covers for Honda CRV

Freesoo Car seat cover Honda CRV

A stylish set of car seat covers that are airbag compatible and will fit most Honda CRVs.


Nice leather-look with intricate design stitching on some options.

There is also a wide range of design styles to choose from, which is great. As for the material, it is waterproof, and easy to clean.

Overall, this will bring a nice new car feel to your car interior.


With the right installation instructions, these are fairly easy seat covers to install. The instructions are clear and are readily available in video format also.


These seat covers come with a decent level of padding and should provide lasting comfort for a good while.

The material is composed of breathable components making it good for use all year round.




A decent set of seat covers that appear to be durable and comfortable. They look fresh and should provide a nice upgrade for most vehicles.

8. LUCKYMAN CLUB 5 Car Seat Covers for Honda CRV

The Luckyman Club 5 PU leather seat covers will fit a Honda CRV and are airbag compatible. These are available as a full set for the front and rear seats.


Provided in a water-resistant PU leather material and available in different colors.


This should be easy enough to install as this is a universal fit seat cover. The instructions are clear and come with the product.

There are also installation videos available online which are easy to follow. 

Fitting these seat covers should take no longer than half an hour. 


A clean and luxurious feel is provided here, with the cross stitch diamond-shaped padding. This helps to give a durable quality to the material, while also being very comfortable. 




An excellent option to consider for your Honda CR-V. 

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Things to consider when shopping for a Honda CRV seat cover?

There are more things to consider than many people realize. For instance, we should have an idea of what significance the material will have on comfort, maintainability, style.

So as a result, it may not even be enough to look at just one or two examples. Below we’ve listed the main points to consider when shopping for a Honda CRV seat cover. 


Seat covers traditionally come in three categories of material, and they all have their plus points and negative points. Ultimately it comes down to what type of lifestyle you have. 



This material is waterproof, breathable, and comfortable. A good combination.

Typically used to make wetsuits you should expect seat covers made from this to be wipeable in the case of spills. 

For those that have an active lifestyle, neoprene is a good material for perspiring bodies that have just finished a gym session.

What we like about neoprene seat covers:

What we don’t like about neoprene:

Leather/PU Leather

Like neoprene, seat covers made from leather are easy to wipe clean in case of spills – similar to normal leather seats.

Surprisingly some options are very durable and feel reassuringly resistant to wear and tear. 

Although we wouldn’t advise buying this material if you intend on transporting the dogs around frequently. 

Leather options also seem to have a good selection of style options. 

What we like about Leather seat covers:

What we don’t like about leather:

Cotton Blend

Great material for those that a looking for something that is more rough and ready.

Some examples listed in our reviews above show that seat covers made from this material can be extremely durable yet comfortable and stylish.

One to note is that, unlike the previous two materials, this is less easy to wipe clean in the case of spills although machine washing is an option. 

What we like about cotton-blend seat covers:

What we don’t like about cotton-blend seat covers:


While some seat covers are relatively easy to install, some others can take hours to fit, and require a bit of working out and access to fiddly areas of the vehicle. 

So, it’s really important to research what you will be getting yourself into when purchasing a particular seat cover. 

For those that are naturally hands on this will be less of a concern.

Some manufacturers make their installation videos available online making the install process easy to research beforehand.

Our reviews listed in this article above contain installation videos of some of the seat covers. 

Universal Fit seat cover

Universal Seat covers are designed to fit a selection of similar vehicle models. This is handy and you will be more guaranteed that it will fit your seats.

They also tend to make more space for the variation of features between the covered models, like airbag access, headrest size, etc.

For this reason, universal seat covers tend to not be full coverage (although they still look good) and easier to install.

What we like about universal-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about universal-fit seat covers: 

Custom Fit Seat Covers

Custom seat covers are designed to fit as close to the sec of your vehicle as possible.

With these seat covers, you should expect complete coverage to almost factory level. Some even account for armrests and consoles. 

The only issue with custom-fit seat covers is that they tend to be a lot more tricky to install, and can require a couple of hours to complete the task.

The results, however, are usually worth the effort. 

What we like about custom-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about custom-fit seat covers: 

Look for Recommendations

Getting firsthand recommendations is something that should not be underestimated.

This can go a very long way to instilling some level of confidence on whether the option you are interested in the right one or not.

We advise asking friends and family about their experiences if possible and reading through customer feedback on any area you may be concerned about.


We hope you found this article helpful. After reading you will hopefully be aware that there is a great deal of car seat covers on the market for Honda CRVs.

What’s also good to know is there are certainly options that will accommodate tastes, styles, and budgets or all three! 

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