Best Seat Covers For Chevy Silverado 1500 – 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best seat covers for chevy silverado 1500

Good seat covers are without doubt one of the best upgrades you make to freshen up your Chevy Silverado interior. They are especially good if you want to preserve the long-term condition of the original seat covers. 

The only challenge is finding the time and energy to research the pros and cons of the multitude of seat covers out there. Some may not even be fully aware of what exactly makes a particular seat cover a good pick for them.

Choosing the best seat cover for your Chevy Silverado 1500 is a personal decision, so it is best to be armed with as much knowledge as is practical.

We have listed some of the best options to assist you in your quest, and have also provided a guide around what you should consider before making that all-important purchase. 

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The Luckyman Club seat covers are made from faux leather and will fit Chevy Silverado 1500 models from 2007-2020.


Available in several styles that are subtly different from each other, and offer a minimalistic yet noticeably sleek design. It’s finished with sleek stitching that feels reliably sturdy. 

There are also adequate spaces for seat belts and airbag access. However, the look and feel of the headrest may be a little underwhelming for some.

Although the coverage is not 100 percent, these seat covers still provide substantial protection over the areas of the seats that are heavily used. 

The faux leather finish offers durability and practicality by allowing easy cleaning of spills and stains.

As such the Luckyman seat cover will give your Chevy Silverado 1500 an understated stylish look while providing family-proof features. 


As mentioned earlier, these Luckyman seat covers will fit the Chevy Silverado 1500 from 2007 to 2020. 

Due to its non-custom design, the installation is pretty straightforward and can be fitted within half an hour.

The instruction manual is clear and a video is provided by the manufacture. As always videos will give you even more detail around how to tackle any potential problem areas – see video below. 

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These seat covers have a thin but effective layer of padding. This cushioning surrounded by well-constructed soft leatherette makes it very comfortable on longer journeys. 

There are plenty of thoughtfully designed access to allow for easy access to seat belts and headrests.

As many of the straps are adjustable, the Luckyman seat cover will also allow for any adjustments made to headrests.


Made with faux leather material which is soft and well stitched, giving a durable feel.

The manufacturers also claim that these seat covers will even endure scratches from dog paws, but we’re not so sure we’d want to risk that. 

On top style, the material has a practical edge with non-slip lining to help keep the seat covers in place and sturdy. This earns a thumbs up from a safety perspective.




A well-priced stylish option that will provide a look and feel that should please most people.

The durability coupled with understated style makes the Luckyman seat cover a decent all-rounder.

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According to the manufacturer, the Aierxuan seat covers will fit Chevy Silverado 1500 pick-up trucks from 2007 onward. They are also side airbag and seat belt compatible.


The faux leather style seat covers are cross-stitched with vibrant colored thread to give a shape and sleek appearance. 

Flexibility of choice is also on offer here as there are multiple colors to choose from.

These are not custom-fit seat covers, and as such do not provide full coverage although the coverage is still good.

As designed, the headrests and the side of the seats are partially exposed for features such as airbag and seat belt accessibility.


As well as fitting the Chevy Silverado 1500, the Aieruxan seat covers will also fit 2500HD 3500HD models. 

As mentioned earlier these are not custom fit, which makes installing easier and more straightforward.

Many users have also reported that they have installed these within 30 minutes, although the rear seat covers can prove more tricky to install due to the extra buckles hard t reach areas.

If you have a friend to assist then this will ease the pain somewhat.

Once installed they feel pretty snug and feel that they should last a while.


The PU leather material is breathable making suitable for longer journeys on warmer days. This combined with adequate padding makes the seat covers a pleasure to use. 

For backseat passengers, there are compartments that sit on the rear of the front seats, which are suitable for storing magazines, purses etc. 


The leatherette is strong and durable making this a good option at any time of the year. The material also waterproof which will give the owner a price of mind with regards to the easy cleaning aspect of these. 




Much like the Luckyman seat covers, the Aieruxan option is great for those looking to add a luxurious edge to their interior. However, they also offer durability that makes them suitable for everyday use.

These CarsCover seat covers will fit all Chevy Silverado models from 2014-2018.


These are the first custom-fit seat covers on our list and are made from padded neoprene which offers a practical yet smart appearance.

The color combination is neutral provided in gray and black, and so should work for most tastes. It would, however, have been nice if more color combinations were available.


Installation is generally straightforward as far as custom-fit full-coverage seat covers go.

The only potential headache comes when trying to access the hard to reach areas between the rear seats and the rear of the cab. It might be easier for those who have exceptionally thin arms and hands.

This area is quite a common sticking point when it comes to installing seat covers. We just wish that there was a solution (apart from evolving thin upper limbs) to make this area less of a pain. 

There has also been customer feedback suggesting that some straps are weakly made, resulting in some coming off during install. 


As you might expect from neoprene these seat covers are padded nicely making them very comfortable, and breathable. 


The material is soft, breathable, waterproof (to a point), and should provide excellent protection for your original seat covers. 

The breathability is very welcome on those humid days or when you have just finished a workout and are still perspiring.




Those looking for a practical yet smart set of seat covers should find the CarCovers seat covers to be a good option.

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A universally fitting full-coverage seat cover that will fit Chevy Silverado models up to 2020.


Made with Neoprene-like fabric these seat covers have a neat design and appear to be practical.

Aesthetically the seat covers come in a good range of color combinations to satisfy a variety of tastes.


The lightness of the material makes this seat covers easy to maneuver and get in pace. 

The manufacturers point put that that while these are universal fitting, some additional work e.g. cutting, etc may be required to get these to fit absolutely perfectly.

Indeed some customers have highlighted this also, suggesting that some extra sewing is needed to make the seat fit more snuggly. 

Overall though, installation is fairly easy and possible within an hour.


According to the manufacturer, the material is “Rome” cloth material and has a similar look and feel to neoprene.

Whether the seat covers share all the same characteristics as neoprene remains to be seen. However, they are comfortable and provide good protection for your original Chevy Silverado seats.


The material of the seat covers has obvious padding and is comfortable to use. 

Long-term they may struggle to withstand heavy family or pet usage, but at the price, it may still be worth a go.




Simple seat covers that are light and comfortable, providing a cost-effective option to upgrade your Chevy Silverado’s interior.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Chevy Silverado Seat Cover

Picking a seat cover for your Chevy Silverado pick-up comes down to more than just picking our favorite color combination or material, although they are important factors.

It is always wise to do as much research as is practical to gain a good understanding of what options are out there, and why they may or may not be suitable.

Below we go through the key factors to consider when shopping for your new seat cover. 


Seat covers traditionally come in three categories of material, and they all have their plus points and negative points. Ultimately it comes down to what type of lifestyle you have. 

You can get seat covers in a decent variety of materials nowadays.


Neoprene material

Neoprene (technical name polychloroprene) is a light, waterproof, breathable, and comfortable material that provides a good combination of practicality and comfort.

Typically used to make wetsuits you should expect seat covers made from this to be wipeable in the case of spills.

The material tends to be used to make things like:

  • Activewear for water sports
  • Glove padding
  • Gym equipment lining
  • Orthopedic braces
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Neoprene is used to make such items because of its ability to absorb heat and moisture efficiently without feeling saturated. 

This is why they are such good options for those with an active lifestyle or who live in high humidity locations.

What we like about neoprene seat covers:

What we don’t like about neoprene:

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Leather/PU Leather

PU Leather also shares similar waterproof features to neoprene. Seat covers made from PU leather tend to handle spills well.

Interestingly seat covers made from this material seem to also be durable while offering stylishly sleek-looking designs.

PU Leather for car seats
PU Leather material

As durable as they might be, we probably wouldn’t expect much durability if regularly transporting around a set of raucous pets.

However, they do feel like family-safe options, especially due to the waterproof characteristic.

Seat covers made from PU leather seem to mix style and practicality well.

What we like about Leather seat covers:

What we don’t like about leather:

Cotton Blend

Cotton blend fabric
Cotton blend fabric

Seat covers made from cotton-blend can be extremely durable and great for those who love the great outdoors.

The style and texture of seat covers made from this can vary hugely depending on the type of weave.

Some can be made quite thin, and as such be adequate for just providing mild coverage to your original seats.

However, if thickly woven, cotton blend fabric can become tough wearing canvas. This is what you will need if you want something rugged and hard-wearing. 

One thing to note is that, unlike neoprene and PU leather, cotton blend materials tend not to be waterproof, and as such may require machine washing if they get too stained.

In any case, washing instructions should be provided with any seat covers you end ordering.

What we like about cotton-blend seat covers:

What we don’t like about cotton-blend seat covers:


While some seat covers are relatively easy to install, some others can take hours to fit, and require a bit of working out and access to fiddly areas of the vehicle. 

So, it’s really important to research what you will be getting yourself into when purchasing a particular seat cover. 


For those that are naturally hands on this will be less of a concern.

Some manufacturers make their installation videos available online making the install process easy to research beforehand.

Our reviews listed in this article above contain installation videos of some of the seat covers. 

The ease with which seat covers can be installed depends of several factors: 

Quality of the instructions

Installation instructions

If the instructions are barely readable, overly complicated, or too simple, this will make it more difficult to fit them efficiently.

This can also waste unnecessary time and cause stress.

Thankfully, more established manufacturers do provide decent instruction manuals.

Increasingly, instructions are being provided in video format which can be easily found online – the manufacturer should also point this out and perhaps provide a link. 

Nonetheless, a quick search on Google should also bring up relevant results if they exist. 


Some materials can be easier to maneuver than others, so it’s important to check this before making the purchase.

If you are not DIY savvy or built like a gym enthusiast, then maybe a seat cover made with lighter more pliable fabric could be a good choice.

The type of seat cover

Generally speaking, seat covers will either be universally fitting or custom fit. We’ll discuss these next.

Universal Fit seat cover

The purpose of Universal fit seat covers is to provide more flexibility in what models they can provide for. They tend to be able to fit a range of similarly shaped makes and models.

This range varies depending on the design of the seat covers. Some might fit the seats of two or three models within a specific make, while others may fit several models across a handful of makes.

While the flexibility of universal seat covers brings with it a welcome relief from having to research and confirm whether they will fit your specific vehicle perfectly, they will also have down downsides.

For instance, they generally won’t provide completely full coverage of the seats – although they will still look great. They also might require the customer to make some minor adjustments to achieve as good a fit as possible.

Be sure to check with the manufacturer or customer reviews to confirm this.

On the plus side, they can be easier to install and will have enough space for seat belts and airbags.

What we like about universal-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about universal-fit seat covers: 

Custom Fit Seat Covers

Custom fit seat covers are usually designed to fit a specific seat configurations. For this reason it vitally important to check that they will fit your specific make and model.

Again check with the manufacturer for this information. Also, it’s always worth checking a few customer reviews to gain some insights.

Custom-fit seat covers can provide complete full coverage, so if this a must-have requirement, then this the way to go.

Be prepared to put some work in when it comes to installation as they can be trickier to get fitted correctly. The effort is usually worth it, especially if they are true full coverage designs.

What we like about custom-fit seat covers: 

What we don’t like about custom-fit seat covers: 

Look for Recommendations

Getting firsthand recommendations can be often underestimated. But they can go a very long way to gaining confidence on whether the seat cover you’re looking at is worth going for.

It’s always worth asking friends and family what they thought of the item if possible and checking customer feedback to explore any areas of concern will be time well spent.

So what other concerns are there..?

Do seat covers ruin seats?

Good seat covers will not ruin your seats. Indeed, one if the key purposes of after market seat covers is to protect the existing original seat covers. Some of the reasons people want to protect the original seats is to:

  • Preserve the value of the vehicle
  • Reduce maintenance
As long as you look after the aftermarket seat covers, by following the manufacturer's recommended maintenance program, they should last a long time with normal wear and tear, and should not cause any damage to your seat covers.

Do seat covers interfere with heated seats?

Special due diligence must be exercised if you have heated seats. Some aftermarket seat covers may be made with materials that could either hinder the performance of the heated seats or be damaged by prolonged use on heated seats.

Always consult the manufacturer if you are unsure about whether the seat cover you are interested in will be compatible with the heated seats of your vehicle.

How do I know what seat covers will fit my car?

The manufacturer should always know if their seat cover will fit your seats. Contact them and give them your vehicle's full make and model so that they can confirm.

It’s important to also point out anything that could be overlooked by the manufacturer like:

  • Airbag access
  • Seat belts
  • Non-adjustable head rests
  • rear seat configuration
  • etc
This will give you more confidence that the seat covers will be the right option for your vehicle. Read through our guide further up this post for more tips on buying seat covers.

How well do universal seat covers fit?

Good universal seat covers should fit well. They are designed to fit multiple models and/or makes of vehicles, and as such shouldn’t be expected to fit absolutely perfectly.

There may be gaps in areas like the headrests, airbags, and seat belts, and hence are not strictly speaking full coverage although they will cover the vast majority of the seats.

Scroll further up this post for a more in-depth guide on different fits of seat covers, including universal seat covers.

Do neoprene seat covers smell?

Neoprene seat covers do not smell if they are maintained as the manufacturer recommends.

If you suspect that your neoprene seat covers do begin to smell, then this could mean that they haven’t been cleaned in a while or that something else is causing the smell.

If you have washed them recently then you should investigate where the source of the smell is coming from.

Do neoprene seat covers make you sweat?

Neoprene does not make you sweat. This is mainly due to its heat resistant properties.

This heat resistance coupled with being moisture/water-resistant means that you should not feel sweaty on long journeys, or if you have just entered a hot vehicle after a gym session. This is one of the unique selling points of neoprene seat covers


Looking for a seat cover can be quite the challenge, but by reading this post you will have hopefully gained some good insight that will likely assist you in choosing the right seat cover for your Chevy Silverado 1500.

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