The Best Seat Cover For Tesla Model 3 in 2022

Best Seat cover for Telsa Model 3

Most car owners are concerned about the appearance of their car and want to make it look better on the inside and outside. One of the easiest ways to do this is by upgrading your Tesla Model 3 seat covers.

The problem is that there is so much information out there. So, where do you start?

Well, there are several things that people need to consider when shopping for seat covers, including (but not limited to):

  • the level of protection they provide
  • the style of seat cover
  • what material they’re made out of
  • if they’re compatible with Tesla Model 3 features

In the post, we have this covered and have provided reviews on the best seat covers available for your Tesla Model 3 that cover a variety of use cases.

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    Best Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover Comparison Table

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    Despite its simple appearance, the EVNV Tesla Model 3 Seat Cover is custom-designed to specifically fit the Tesla Model 3.

    Can be easily installed by strategically placing straps around the back of the seat. This strapping is secure enough that it will be hard to slip off or get caught on anything too easily. 

    The clean, simple design may be too simple for those looking for a more eye-catching and fuller coverage set of seat covers but doesn’t mean that it lacks comfort.

    It has non-slip backing that won’t loosen its grip at sudden stops or speeds, and the padding is incorporated into the material making it a pleasure to sit on.

    Made from durable, nonslip, waterproof neoprene for catching spills, these sleek covers match the shape of both driver and passenger seats.

    Being light and easy to maneuver also makes the EVNV seat cover really easy to remove and install as you wish.

    An extra bonus is that the material is also machine washable, but unfortunately, they are available for front seats only.




    A very neat and well-fitting seat protector that is designed to specifically fit the Tesla Model 3.

    Really good for most purposes and will handle the rough and tumble of buy family life. Being light they are also easy to remove and maintain.

    These seat covers made by Xipoo is custom made specifically for the Tesla Model 3.

    It’s a one-size-fits-all and will keep your seats looking clean and new no matter how much you use them. This might be surprising as the look and feel is very nice. 

    The durable design has been crafted with wear-resistant materials to protect against stains, and moisture caused by sweat on hot days or after a workout.

    This will give good peace of mind for those in need of seat covers that are water-resistant.

    The Xipoo Model 3 seat covers can be a little loose on the rear seat armrests. This may be because the seat covers can be unzipped to allow the use of the armrest, and as such compromised the otherwise clean design of these covers. While not obvious, it is a bit something that some people may notice.

    Overall, the positives are numerous, and they work well with heated seats.




    Well-designed, sleek-looking seat covers that are also durable and water-resistant. They have a wow factor that your passengers will enjoy, and they are quite comfortable.

    Even though there s a small issue with fitment over the armrest, they are compatible with heated seats, airbags, armrest, and seat belts which is a definite positive in our book.

    Custom designed to fit the Tesla Mode 3 from the year 2017-2021 and made from soft yet durable PU leather. 

    Available in a good number of color combinations, these seat covers will complement your Model 3 interior no matter your taste. 

    Installation can be a bit tricky in places and will be best done with extra pair of hands to assist. We suggest that if you aren’t afraid of a little DIY activities then installation could take up to 2 hrs.

    Once installation is complete, however, the seat covers look excellent and fit the Model 3 lines seamlessly. 

    The material will withstand fluid spills, but be sure t mop this up fairly quickly.




    Available in a variety of really nice, complementary colors combinations, these seat covers are clean and sleek.

    They almost have an OEM feel to them, which is a reflection of the design quality. You will only get this tight fit if you take your time with installation, so there’s no need to rush it. A worthy option.

    Any pet owners out there will be all too aware of the trials and tribulations that accompany transporting the furry friend around.

    Fur, paw marks, and claw scrapes, are quite possibly the key things you really want to protect your beloved Tesla Model 3 seats from. 

    So you’ll be glad to see that the Basenor rear seat cover for pets will provide this protection. 

    The seat cover can be installed as a hammock by attaching the loops around the rear and front seat headrests, or just allowed to lay flat by just attaching the loops over the rear seat headrests only. 

    Made from a durable fabric that is waterproof. The backing is nonslip, which ensures that the seat covers stay in place during the drive. 

    Very easy to clean with either a sponge or thrown into the washing machine. 

    Basenor have designed these pet seat covers specifically for Tesla Model3, and as such have paid special attention to ensuring that proper coverage is achieved. 




    These custom fit seat covers designed to protect your original Model 3 seats from pets are very effective and fit excellently.

    They are relatively easy to install and can be machine washed to make maintenance more convenient. A great option to consider for those who have pets.

    These universal seat protectors from Gorla Gear are suitable for all Tesla Model 3 cars and are compatible with airbags, seat belts, and armrests.

    Much like the EVNV option, these Gorla Gear seat covers have a simple clean design. They can be fitted without the hassle by throwing them over your front seat’s headrest and letting the nonslip underside hold the cover in place.

    Designed specifically to handle clammy sweatiness that is common on very hit and humid days or after a decent workout. 

    The leads us on to the ease with which these seat covers can be just rolled up and carried around or kept in the trunk until needed. 

    This portability is a real plus point for those that need temporary protection for their seats. Being machine washable, this easy handling makes it convenient to remove and wash with a minimum of fuss. 

    The Gorla Gear seat covers are made from neoprene which is designed to be light and breathable to sit on for an extended period of time. 

    They only really fall a little short when it comes to coverage, but as these are likely to be used as a portable and flexible option, this may not be a deal-breaker.




    A really light breathable comfortable seat cover that is perfect for those that might need something that is portable and easy to install and remove when needed.

    Available in several colors, the design is clean and versatile enough to fit most people’s tastes. Perfect for those who want extra water of protection for their Tesla Model 3 seats.

    Made from soft plush feeling PU leather which gives a sense of a factory-fitted product, especially with the custom-fit design. They will fit your tesla Model 3 manufactured up to 2022.

    Not only is the leatherette soft, but it is also practical being splashproof, and durable. Good for daily use while looking good.

    In terms of installation, they can be tough to get in place, especially in the rear seats when trying to access some of the harder to reach areas of the Model 3.

    However, Oasis Auto have made sure that their installation instructions are easy to follow and easily accessible on their product age and online in written and video format.

    This sure goes a long to making the installation less arduous than it could have been. 

    Once you do complete the fitting process you will soon realise that it was all worth it, as they look striking and sleek. 




    These seat covers made by Oasis Auto will complement the interior of your Tesla Model with a clean sleek finish, but will also offer good protection of your original seats. 

    Well capable of looking great while being used daily. The only issue for some might be the time it takes to complete the installation. But when fitted correctly they are an excellent set of seat covers.

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