Best heated steering wheel covers Review – 2022 Edition

Best heated steering wheel covers

Driving a car first thing on a winter morning isn’t many people’s idea of fun. It’s worse still when the steering wheel feels like an ice sculpture. This is particularly a problem for those that suffer from poor blood circulation to their hands. A quick and easy way to remedy this is to purchase a heated steering wheel cover.

While this may seem straightforward at first, you will probably be thinking of doing some research before handing over your hard-earned cash, which is wise. There are a lot of sub-par examples out there, and it would be nice to be given a nod towards the better products. 

In this post we will do just that and give a breakdown of some of the best heated steering wheel covers out there. 

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Has a non-slip lining which keeps you in full control while steering.

Visually it glows while heating up, which is an interesting feature although strictly speaking serves little purpose functionally. Maybe it was intended as a fun way to indicate to the user that it is on.  

Has a temperature range of between 95 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Will only fit steering wheels that measure 15inch in diameter.



Come with a universal fit of 14.5-15.5 inches which is suitable for many car brands and even SUVs.

Very nice to use on longer journeys with its soft cushion filling taking the chore out of driving.

Provides a temperature range of between 90 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit. 



The Boking steering wheel cover is designed with practicality as well as aesthetics in mind.

Now, this isn’t strictly speaking a heated steering wheel cover that is powered in order to heat up. However, the material is designed in such a way that it feels warm to hold during the colder months and cool during summer.

This is mainly down to the microfibre material’s ability to absorb moisture which doesn’t allow for the clammy or cold effects that condensation in the air or perspiration can cause in extreme temperatures.

For those who may just need a steering wheel cover that is thermally comfortable to use, and not necessarily hot, this could be a good low maintenance, non-powered option.

Boking steering wheel cover vehicle model fit guide

It is fairly straightforward to install although some have pointed out that it can prove a bit tight initially.

Having said that, it boats universal fitting that accommodates a large range of vehicles.

Due to the thick material, the steering wheel can feel a little larger and could take a bit of getting used to.



The Zone Tech heated steering wheel cover is no problem to install, and the 12v volt power cable will easily reach the cigarette lighter in your vehicle.

Make sure to measure your steering wheel as it is designed to fit 14.6-14.9 steering wheel, which is not hugely flexible.

Manufactured with non-slip lining which will keep the steering wheel cover firmly n place during driving. This is a big plus from a safety perspective.

The heat delivered is soothing for the coming winter months and has a range of 90-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another good thing feature is that it is ready to use immediately, no matter how cold it is. This is due to the multi-layered fabric composition, enabling it to insulate against the coldness of the steering wheel which would inevitably build up over a winters night.



Fits a good range of vehicles with its 14.5-15.5 inch diameter and is a breeze to install. 

The grippy non-slip lining ensures a safe grip of the steering wheel is maintained throughout. The temperature ranges from 90-110 degrees Fahrenheit and manages to maintain a comfortable temperature even long after switching it off.



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Has a slightly higher than average heating range of 95-113 degrees Fahrenheit, which is still comfortable to use.

Comes in a decent size range for most vehicles with a measurement of 14.5-15.5 inches.



The Goodream car seat cover has a super quick heat up time of around 10 seconds. This is perfect for those that want quick results and blows most other brands out of the water.

With a temperature range of 95-113 degrees Fahrenheit, this should provide more than enough warmth for most people.

The steering wheel cover is extremely straightforward to install, and should just take a few minutes. However, with a diameter range of between 14.5-14.96 inches be sure to check that this measures up with your vehicle.

The material is a neat looking PU synthetic material, which is easy to maintain and clean.



Similar to most heated steering covers the LemonBest heated steering wheel cover plugs straight into your 12v cigarette light to provide much need heat.

Fits a steering wheel that has a diameter of between 14.5-14.96 inches, which should provide a comfortable fit for average-sized steering wheels. It is, however, advised to make sure you know your vehicle’s measurements before making the purchase.

While the temperature is said to be adequate when in use, some users have flagged that the power cord can get in the way whilst driving.



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So what concerns do people have regarding heated steering wheel covers..?

Can You Put Steering Wheel Cover On Heated Steering Wheel?

No. If you have a steering wheel that provides heat, then is never recommended to cover it with anything. This includes steering wheel covers, blankets, etc.

This could damage the heat-insulating properties of the steering wheel – which is likely to lead to a hefty repair/replacement bill.

More importantly, this is also a safety hazard.

Covering a heated steering wheel could lead to overheating and even failure, which is far from ideal during driving.

If absolutely necessary, we would recommend using driving gloves if you really need to keep your hands warmer than the steering wheel can provide for.

Is heated steering wheel worth it?

If your vehicle doesn’t have a heated steering wheel feature, then it is certainly worth trying out a heated steering wheel cover.

User feedback suggests that this is a practical and cost-effective solution to keep your hands warm while driving.

Also, many heated steering wheel covers don’t have to be kept on throughout the journey as they tend to have a high maximum heat which is achieved within a couple of minutes.

How do you warm up a steering wheel cover?

When first installing a steering wheel cover, they can be extremely tight to fit on. A way to get around this problem is to heat it up first. This will relax the material and make it easier to stretch.

Here are some hacks to warming up your steering wheel cover:

Hair Dryer

Using a hairdryer for a few seconds from about 5 inches away from the steering wheel cover can take the cold edge off, making it more pliable to help the installation process.

Rub the steering wheel

Vigorously rubbing the steering wheel will create friction that will eventually heat up the steering wheel to a more comfortable handling temperature.

Use hot water

Put the steering wheel cover in a watertight plastic bag, and place it in hot water for a few minutes. This should help transfer heat without getting it wet.

Do steering wheel covers ruin your steering wheel?

If you use a decent quality steering wheel cover, then quite the opposite will happen. Steering wheel covers provide protection for your steering wheel.

In fact, many people use these to help preserve the steering wheel.

So, you should really start seeing wear and tear to your steering wheel cover way before the steering wheel itself.

Why is steering wheel not round?

Most steering wheels are as round as is ergonomically suitable, especially on everyday vehicles.

Occasionally you may notice sports cars having less rounded steering wheels.

The main reason for this is that cars designed to be used in professional or competitive environments have different ergonomic requirements for their steering wheels.

In the extreme environment of racing, where every split second counts, it’s important to have things like buttons in the optimum positions.

Also, the slightly oblong shape of the steering wheel helps the driver understand precisely which direction the wheels are facing at any given time.


So, as you have just read, heated steering wheels covers are a practical and cost-effective solution to quickly getting your hands to temperature whilst driving.

Better still, there is enough variety out there which will allow choosing the right one for your requirements.

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