Best Ford f150 Bed Liners and Bed Mats – 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Bed Liners and Bed Mats For Ford F150

Bed liners and bed mats are a practical and effective way to keep your cargo from sliding all over the place when driving your Ford F150.

There are a few different methods to installing the bed liners which we will explore later, but they include:

  • Temporary (or drop-in) bed liners – which can be installed and removed easily for flexibility
  • Spray one bed liner – which is installed by means of an aerosol and is seen as a more longer-term installation

In this post well take you through what we feel are the best the best bed liners and mats available for your beloved Ford F150 truck.

Here we have the Dee Zee DZ87005 bed mat which will fit the bed for Ford F150 models made between 2015 and 2018. Dee Zee was established in 1977.

Very easy to fit especially as the mat is designed to curve around the wheel arches snuggly. Extra trimming may well be required to guarantee a perfect fit, however.

F150 Bed Liner rubberized cleats for drainage

The rubberized raised cleats on the underside of the bed mat also assist with water drainage and thus adds an extra method of protecting your cargo from standing water.

These rubberized cleats also help to keep the bed line in place.

The 9.52 mm (0.375inch) hard-wearing rubberized material composition ensures that they will not break down if exposed to oil and fuel spills. This helps to provide an excellent layer of protection for your F150 truck bed.

This heavy-duty characteristic also contributes to the physical integrity of the bed liner. It is resistant against high temperatures, and the manufacturer states that it will not crack or break either.

To be fair you get a real sense of durability and quality when installing the bed liner. We expect that this will do a great job over the long term.

Really the only downside we could find is that due to the compressed rubber material, the bed liner isn’t great to kneel on.




A cost-effective option to provide decent protection for your Ford F150 truck bed against potential damage caused by our cargo.  

The grippy material also helps to protect your cargo from damage caused by sliding and moving around during transit.

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This bed liner is suitable for Ford F150 trucks from 2015 onwards with 5’5” and 6’5” beds and is made by BedRug.

Designed to be exposed to the elements, this bed liner is waterproof. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for that what looks like upholstery will soak in any rainwater.

However, the cushion is made from 100% polypropylene, which is essentially plastic and is hydrophobic.

BedRug Bed liner for ford f150 fits around wheel arches
The bed liner material is soft but waterproof

There will be no worries with water collecting as the bed liner is designed to allow the water to run off towards the sides into the factory drain holes.

Any small amount of remaining water can just simple dry off, hence there seems to be no risk of mold and damp building over time.

To clean the bed mat, you just need to spray with a pressure washer and vacuum up any excess dirt.

The cushion ensures to protect your F150 truck bed from any damage which may ordinarily be caused by cargo moving around during loading or driving.

Although soft, the ben liner is durable and will even withstand exposure to battery acid. It is also UV resistant so there should be no worries when it comes to issues with fading etc.

Play Video about BedRug F150 Bed liner installation

Easy to install and fits well. The only issue that we can potentially see is that the sticky tape used to secure the bed liner appears a little below standard.

Indeed, one or two customer feedback has suggested as much, although the bed liner still ultimately does do the job, and does it well. You may just need to keep an eye on it over the long term.




An easy-to-install bed liner that is cushioned to allow you to kneel comfortably on it. The surface also keeps cargo in place effectively.

Although note the cheapest option on our list, we can see that the extra money is well spent in comparison to some of the cheaper options. An excellent option.

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The Husky Liners bed mat fits Ford F150 vehicles with bed sizes of 5’8”, 6’6”.

Specially engineered with a patented DuraGrip HD nonslip surface, which works well to both keep cargo in place without sliding around and protect it due to the soft layer lining.

Husky Liners bed mat ford f150 raised for water drainage
Husky Liners F150 bed mat is raised to help water drainage

Slightly raised so that any moisture can drain out and evaporate easily without having to worry about accumulating water etc.

Installation is very straightforward and can be completed in a few minutes.

We’d suggest this bed liner will provide good durability with medium use. However, if you intend on using your bed for seriously heavy-duty usage then keep an eye on the condition during its use.




A simple to install and budget-friendly bed mat that provides adequate protection for general use.

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Westin bed liner will fit Ford F150 pick-ups from 2015-2020 and are available for bed sizes 5’5”, 6’5”.

This is a universally fitting ben liner, so you may need to make some small adjustments when fitting this around the wheel arches of your F150.Westin bed mat ford f150

Having said that they still fit well and provide adequate protection for you the bed. General customer reports suggest that the Westin bed liner will indeed fit well.

The bed mat is approximately 3/8” thick and made from compressed rubber which feels really durable and should provide long-lasting protection and stability of your cargo.




A great universally fitting bed liner that will fit in with most budgets. Not only that but it also feels like good quality, so we expect that this will take heavy-duty activity for the long term.

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