What Are The Best Floor Mats For Ford F150? 2022 Review and Guide

Best Floor Mats for Ford F150

Floor mats are one of the key accessories you can add to your Ford F150 that will help to keep your interior clean. They help protect your floors from the unwelcome moisture and dirt from the outdoors and help freshen the F150 interior.

The issue is that there a quite a few floor liners available on the market, and it can be difficult to distinguish between the ones worth considering versus the ones that you should not waste your time with.

In this post, we will take through what we think are the best floor mats on the market designed specifically for your Ford F150.

Build for durability but also for easy maintenance, these Husky Liners floor mats are very easy to clean and will last for as you want them to.

They are designed for Ford F150 models from 2015-2021. The manufacturer provides options for Supercrew Cab and Standard Cab configurations. Also, this product is only suitable for carpeted floors.

These Husky Liners weather beater floor liners are made from Thermoplastic Olefin which is key to the FormFit design fitting your specific F150 SuperCrew perfectly, following each contour as if it was meant to be.

Speaking of design, these floor mats are reassuringly rugged yet sporty and contemporary to look at. They do indeed mix style and substance seamlessly and are completely waterproof.

Also, they do fit securely with the help of what Husky Liners refer to as StayPut cleats. The cleats are specially designed to adhere to carpet and ensure the floor mats stay put which should, of course, aid comfort and safety.




Husky Liners have provided a high-quality set of floor mats here. They are built to last but also look great. At this price point, they are not the cheapest option available, but they are, in our opinion, one of the best.

Maxliner has a solid reputation for floor mats and this is a good example of a durable, hard-wearing set of floor mats. They are designed for Ford F150 SuperCrew trucks from 2015-2021.

Made from tough plastic, they may feel very stiff when you are first installing them. However, give them some time in the sun and they should be much easier to place in your F150.

Suitable for only carpeted floors, they are specially designed to tack into such surfaces, so do not purchase these if you have vinyl floors.

Even though these floor mats look extremely durable, Max Liner also backs these with a lifetime warranty, offering complete peace of mind.




A solid set of floor mats that are waterproof and easy to clean. They also look the part as they are specially designed to fit the contours of Ford F150 SuperCrew models.

The only issue we found with these is that they can be very stiff out-of-the-box, and will therefore need “warming” up before installation. Also, due to being made of plastic, they may, over time, start cracking.

However, these floor mats are made by a manufacturer that knows what they are doing and back themselves with a lifetime warranty, so purchase can be done with extra peace of mind.

These all-weather floor mats are made by Smartliner and are suitable for Ford F150 SuperCrew cab models from 2015-2021. Smartliner also provides an option that will fit 2011-2014 F150 SuperCrew models.

The texture is noticeably anti-skid and as such feels solid while driving. They will also work on any floor surface.

The molded material also helps the cleaning to be easy and stress-free as the mats will collect and spills without affecting the original floor. A simple removable and hose-down will do the job for most cleaning sessions.

The fit is actually what sets it apart from most other options on our list. They will slot right underneath the seats offering excellent coverage.

Smartliner ensures that these floor mats will fit your Ford F150 ergonomically while being tough and durable. Indeed these mats feel like they will last a long while and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Aesthetically speaking, these floor mats look great and will complement your interior with a factory-like look.




At this price point, the Smartliner F150 floor mats are an inviting proposition. They look slick and fit well. They are also very easy t maintain and do a good job of protecting the original floor. An option worth considering.

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Here we have floor mats by Yitamotor, who have designed these specifically for Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab 2015-2021.

In terms of fit, these floor mats fit very well indeed, due to the 3d laser scanning tech employed during the manufacturing process. The attention to detail is clear as the floor mats cover areas that you may not ordinarily expect but definitely give benefits.

For example, in places, the coverage extends over the door entrances with the aim of ensuring that no dirt gets underneath them while entering and exiting. This also helps to avoid scuffing.

They are very easy to install but are only suitable for carpeted floors. Yitamotor provides these for specific Ford F150 configurations, which is great for ensuring a perfect fit, but be sure to check that the floor mats you chose are correct.

The material is extremely tough and durable but also remains fairly pliable even in cold temperatures. This makes for easy removal when you are ready to clean them

Like most options on this list, they are designed to hold any excess spills and dirt, which should tick many boxes for those that want to protect their original floors. This makes for convenience, where you can take the floor mats out whenever you please to get rid of any waste.

The surface is textured to allow for easy cleaning without the worry of potential slippage afterward.

Yitamotor boasts that these seats are completely all-weather-ready and provide a lifetime warranty. From a customer service perspective they also provide a 24-hour customer service line for any queries which is no bad thing




These floor mats will fit your Ford F150 perfectly, just be sure to get the right one, as the manufacturer has designed these for specific configurations.

This is reassuring as this tells us that they are focused on providing an excellent fit and coverage.

One of the pricier options on our list, but the lifetime warranty and customer service should give confidence.

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These floor mats, made by Gator, are custom fit for Ford F150 models 2015-2020. They provide options for SuperCab SuperCrew Cab F150 variations.

The raised edge design is great for holding spills and water from outside until you are ready to empty the floor mats. The waterproof material is really straightforward to rinse with a hose, wipe down, and refit. Even if there are some moisture patches, the textured material helps to avoid any potential slipping.

Structurally, these floor mats are thick and rugged and almost feel like reinforced plastic. They give plenty of confidence that they will provide adequate protection over the long term.

When compared to some of the other options on our list the material stacks up just as well, although they are stiffer than the Yitamotor floor mats.

When it comes to fit, they are constructed to fit specific F150s well, however, keep in mind that they will need some time to bed in and mold into place.




A solid set of floor mats that have an excellent fit, and at this price point are an excellent option for those that are on a budget. Although a little on the stiff side, they are durable and will provide great protection that should last for a long while.

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All-weather floor mats from Oedro that are compatible with Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab made 2015-2021. They are designed for use on carpeted floors.

They look stylish and slick, with a dark textured finish. The textured finish keeps your feet in place with any slippage, even if you have brought in loads of moisture from outdoors.

The floor mats are waterproof and do offer very good protection for your carpet. This couple with a tough rugged design make these floor mats feel like they will last for ages




These are probably not the best selection on the list, partly due to the seemingly inconsistent fitting. Some customers have pointed out that they do not fit as perfectly as the manufacturer suggests.

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